The Chinatrust Brothers and the Fubon Guardians have unveiled their 2018 Girls Days uniforms for the upcoming theme nights which cater to female fans on May 19-20.

May 20th or 5-2-0 in Taiwan is a bit like the unofficial Valentine’s Day, as the number 5-2-0 sounds really similar to I Love You in Mandarin. Here is a quick Mandarin lesson.

  • 5-2-0 (Wo-Er-Ling)
  • I Love You (Wo-Ai-Ni)

Chinatrust Brothers Girls Days Uniform

After the horrendous 2017 Girls Days uniform, which often being referred as the stain remover uniform by the Brothers fans. The 2018 design is back to the basic with a simple navy and white as the primary colours with powder pink piping.

Fubon Guardians Girls Days Uniform

For the second year in a row, the Guardians are bring back the fan favourite Tiffany Blue uniform for their weekend event with a few minor changes.

Apart from the Guardians font, the colour of the hat peak and the G logo, it is pretty much the same uniform from last year. (Here is our coverage of the Guardians’ 2017 Tiffany Blue uniform)


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