Brothers Set 2021 Merch Revenue Target: $2.67M

On April 26, the CTBC Brothers re-launched their newly renovated spaceship-themed team shop “B-SPACE” in Taipei city.

“Apart from selling merchandise, we will also use this facility to host press conferences and events,” said the Brothers general manager Liu Chih-Wei.

According to the team, merchandise revenue is one of their top areas to focus on this season. Last week, the team sold over 200,000 USD in merchandise, counting the sales figures from the stadium shop and their new retail store.

  • April 18: $50,000 in merchandise revenue at B-SPACE. It was a Brothers fan club members-only event.
  • April 23: $117,000 in merchandise revenue at the Brothers home game for their throwback night.
  • April 23: $34,000 in merchandise revenues at B-SPACE.

The Brothers’ front office has set a merchandise revenue target of 2.67 million USD for the 2021 season. Last year, the Brothers finished the 2020 season with a 2 million USD revenue via merchandise.

Brothers Merchandise Revenues 2019 to 2021

Earlier this year, the Brothers mentioned they generated over 6.7 million USD in merchandise revenue from 2019 to 2020. So, with this new information, we can now easily figure out the 2019 merchandise revenue figure by doing some simple subtraction.

  • 2019 merchandise revenue – 4.7 million USD 
  • 2020 merchandise revenue – 2 million USD
  • 2021 merchandise revenue – Target at 2.6 million USD

Notes: For ease of calculation, we used the exchange rate of 30 NTD to 1 USD. As of today, the exchange rate is currently at 27.8 NTD to 1 USD.


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