3 Errors on One Play- A Nightmare for the Guardians’ Infielders

April 18th 2017 definitely is one of those game Fubon Guardians and their fans would like to have it erased from their memory.  As the Guardians made total of 6 errors throughout the game which ultimately cost them the game.

The Guardians are widely recognized by Taiwanese baseball community as a team that is strong in defense.  The strong defense ability plays an important role in their path of winning the 2016 Taiwan Series, a championship they waited for 10 years.  Below is the overall defense statistics for each team in 2016 season.  [Further reading: 2017 CPBL Power Ranking]

Rank Team Games Errors

Errors/ Game

1 *EDA Rhinos 120 109 0.91
2 Lamigo Monkeys 120 114 0.95
3 Chinatrust Brothers 120 134 1.12
4 Uni-Lions 120 140 1.17
* In 2016, Fubon Guardians was still under the former name “ EDA Rhinos”.


The Night of Errors Horror

The string of errors started in the bottom of 5th.  The Guardians committed 3 errors on a routine ground ball to the second baseman which scored both Monkeys runners that was on 1st and 2nd.  From the video highlight we can even hear the commentator saying Guardians infield are in a mess.

(Video of Guardians committing 3 errors on a play in the bottom of 5th)

This isn’t the end oft he nightmare for the Guardians.  Errors continue to spread like plague to all Fubon players.  In the bottom of 7th, another 2 more errors were committed which lead to total of 5 unearned runs for the night.  The ugly plays eventually sinks the Guardians, dropping the game to Lamigo Monkeys 7 to 10.

(Video of Guardians making 2 errors, 3 unearned run in the bottom of 7th)

That ugly infield play in the 5th by the Guardians remind us the Dodgers 3 errors play back in 2014 against the Padres.

(Video Dodgers commit 3 errors on 1 play vs Padres back in 2014)


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