2021 CPBL Spring Training Schedule

With the 2021 CPBL Opening Day starting on March 13, all five CPBL teams have started their spring training across Taiwan, this means it is time for the pre-season exhibition games!

There are two types of pre-season games in the CPBL, the official league organised games and the privately organised games by each team. As always, we will do our best to keep this blog post up to date. [Last updated: February 18, 2021]

Note: Only the league organised spring training games from February 26 to March 10 will be available on CPBL TV.

Uni-Lions Spring Training Schedule

Date Vs Location
3-Feb Intersquad Tainan
4-Feb Intersquad Tainan
8-Feb Guardians Tainan
9-Feb Brothers Tainan
20-Feb Dragons Tainan
21-Feb Guardians Chiayi
23-Feb Dragons Douliu
23-Feb Dragons Tainan
24-Feb Monkeys Tainan
28-Feb Brothers Kaohsiung
2-Mar Dragons Tianmu
3-Mar Dragons Tianmu
3-Mar Monkeys Tainan
4-Mar Guardians Tainan
5-Mar Monkeys Tainan
6-Mar Brothers Tainan
9-Mar Dragons Kaohsiung

CTBC Brothers Spring Training Schedule

Date Vs Location
29-Jan Intersquad Pingtung
2-Feb Intersquad Pingtung
5-Feb Intersquad Pingtung
9-Feb Guardians Pingtung
9-Feb Uni-Lions Tainan
18-Feb Monkeys Chiayi
21-Feb Monkeys Pingtung
25-Feb Monkeys Pingtung
25-Feb Dragons Douliu
26-Feb Dragons Douliu
28-Feb Uni-Lions Tainan
3-Mar Guardians Kaohsiung
4-Mar Monkeys Kaohsiung
5-Mar Dragons Kaohsiung
6-Mar Uni-Lions Tainan
8-Mar Monkeys Kaohsiung
9-Mar Guardians Chiayi

Rakuten Monkeys Spring Training Schedule

Date Vs Location
8-Feb Intersquad Chiayi
9-Feb Intersquad Chiayi
18-Feb Brothers Chiayi
21-Feb Dragons Chiayi
21-Feb Brothers Pingtung
24-Feb Guardians Chiayi
24-Feb Uni-Lions Tainan
25-Feb Dragons Chiayi
25-Feb Brothers Pingtung
27-Feb Guardians Kaohsiung
28-Feb Dragons Douliu
2-Mar Dragons Douliu
3-Mar Uni-Lions Tainan
4-Mar Brothers Kaohsiung
5-Mar Uni-Lions Tainan
8-Mar Brothers Kaohsiung
10-Mar Guardians Chiayi
11-Mar Dragons Tianmu

Fubon Guardians Spring Training Schedule

Date Vs Location
6-Feb Intersquad Chiayi
8-Feb Uni-Lions Tainan
9-Feb Brothers Pingtung
21-Feb Uni-Lions Chiayi
21-Feb Dragons Chiayi
22-Feb Dragons Douliu
24-Feb Monkeys Chiayi
26-Feb Uni-Lions Kaohsiung
27-Feb Monkeys Kaohsiung
1-Mar Dragons Douliu
3-Mar Brothers Kaohsiung
4-Mar Uni-Lions Tainan
6-Mar Dragons Douliu
9-Mar Brothers Chiayi
10-Mar Monkeys Chiayi
12-Mar Dragons Tianmu

Wei Chuan Dragons Spring Training Schedule

Date Vs Location
20-Feb Uni-Lions Tainan
21-Feb Monkeys Chiayi
21-Feb Guardians Chiayi
22-Feb Guardians Douliu
23-Feb Uni-Lions Tainan
23-Feb Uni-Lions Douliu
25-Feb Monkeys Chiayi
25-Feb Brothers Douliu
26-Feb Brothers Douliu
27-Feb Uni-Lions Douliu
28-Feb Monkeys Douliu
1-Mar Guardians Douliu
2-Mar Monkeys Douliu
2-Mar Uni-Lions Tianmu
3-Mar Uni-Lions Tianmu
5-Mar Brothers Kaohsiung
6-Mar Guardians Douliu
9-Mar Uni-Lions Kaohsiung
11-Mar Monkeys Tianmu
12-Mar Guardians Tianmu


      • Thank you…signed up for cpbltv. Two games yesterday, but of course only the second one was streamed. Any way to see video of both games when there is two?

        • That’s weird, you should be able to stream everything on CPBL TV.

          There is no “picture in picture” function on CPBL TV, so if you want to watch both games at once, you need to open two tabs on your browser.


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