2019 CPBL Spring Training Schedule

We are about two months away from the 2019 CPBL Opening Day! Several CPBL teams have announced their 2019 pre-season practice games schedules.

Apart from the “official exhibition games” which was set up by the league, each of the four teams has also organised their private exhibition games among themselves and with the NPB and the KBO teams.

As always, we will continue to update the schedule throughout the 2019 spring training. As more private exhibition games tend to be announced after the Lunar New Year holiday. [Last updated: February 15]

Lamigo Monkeys Spring Camp Schedule

9-FebChiba Lotte Marines (NPB)1300Ishigaki Island (Japan)
10-FebChiba Lotte Marines (NPB)1300Ishigaki Island (Japan)
20-FebKIA Tigers (KBO)1300Douliu Stadium
21-FebLotte Giants (KBO)1300Chiayi County Stadium
23-FebKIA Tigers (KBO)1300Douliu Stadium
25-FebGoyang Heroes (KBO)1300Chiayi County Stadium
28-FebNC Dinos (KBO)1300Chiayi County Stadium
28-FebRakuten Golden Eagles (NPB)1700Tianmu Stadium
1-MarGoyang Heroes (KBO)1300Chiayi County Stadium
1-MarRakuten Golden Eagles (NPB)1400Tianmu Stadium
3-MarChinatrust Brothers1200Yanpu Facility
5-Markt wiz1300Chiayi County Stadium
6-MarDoosan Bears1300Li-De Stadium
9-MarUni-Lions1700Tainan Stadium
12-MarFubon Guardians1830Chiayi City Stadium
14-MarChiba Lotte Marines (NPB)1300Chiba (Japan)
15-MarFubon Guardians1830Kaohsiung Stadium
15-MarChiba Lotte Marines (NPB)1300Chiba (Japan)
16-MarChinatrust Brothers1700Kaohsiung Stadium
17-MarUni-Lions1400Tainan Stadium
18-JanChinatrust Brothers1830Douliu Stadium

Uni-Lions Spring Camp Schedule

14-FebIntersquad1300Tainan Stadium
15-FebIntersquad1300Tainan Stadium
20-FebSeibu Lions (NPB)1300Kochi (Japan)
20-FebGoyang Heroes (KBO)1300Tainan Stadium
21-FebSeibu Lions (NPB)1300Kochi (Japan)
23-FebLotte Giants (KBO)1700Tainan Stadium
24-FebDoosan Bears (KBO)1700Tainan Stadium
27-FebDoosan Bears (KBO)1300Tainan Stadium
1-Markt wiz (KBO)1300Tainan Stadium
2-MarGoyang Heroes (KBO)1300Tainan Stadium
9-MarLamigo Monkeys1700Tainan Stadium
10-MarChinatrust Brothers1400Tainan Stadium
13-MarChinatrust Brothers1830Chiayi City Stadium
16-MarFubon Guardians1700Tainan Stadium
17-MarLamigo Monkeys1400Tainan Stadium
19-MarFubon Guardians1830Douliu Stadium

Fubon Guardians Spring Camp Schedule

20-FebLotte Giants (KBO)1300Ching-Pu Facility
22-FebDoosan Bears (KBO)1300Li-De Stadium
24-Febkt wiz (KBO)1300Douliu Stadium
26-FebKIA Tigers (KBO)1300Douliu Stadium
28-FebKIA Tigers (KBO)1300Douliu Stadium
12-MarLamigo Monkeys1830Chiayi City Stadium
14-MarChinatrust Brothers1830Chiayi City Stadium
15-MarLamigo Monkeys1830Kaohsiung Stadium
16-MarUni-Lions1700Tainan Stadium
17-MarChinatrust Brothers1400Kaohsiung Stadium
19-MarUni-Lions1830Douliu Stadium

Chinatrust Brothers Spring Camp Schedule

11-FebIntersquad1300Yanpu Facility
12-FebIntersquad1300Yanpu Facility
16-FebIntersquad1300Yanpu Facility
17-FebIntersquad1300Yanpu Facility
21-FebIntersquad1300Yanpu Facility
22-FebIntersquad1300Yanpu Facility
24-FebLotte Giants (KBO)1300Yanpu Facility
26-FebGoyang Heroes (KBO)1300Yanpu Facility
27-FebJiangsu Pegasus (China)1300Yanpu Facility
10-MarUni-Lions1400Tainan Stadium
13-MarUni-Lions1830Chiayi City Stadium
14-MarFubon Guardians1830Chiayi City Stadium
16-MarLamigo Monkeys1700Kaohsiung Stadium
17-MarFubon Guardians1400Kaohsiung Stadium
18-MarLamigo Monkeys1830Douliu Stadium



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