CPBL Playoff Schedule: Uni-Lions vs Guardians

The CPBL has announced the schedule for the 2018 Playoff Series between the Uni-Lions and Fubon Guardians. From October 19 to 23, both teams will play a best-of-five series for the final spot in the 2018 Taiwan Series.

*Note: On October 17, the Uni-Lions and the Fubon Guardians announced their 28-man rosters for the 2018 CPBL Playoff Series. We added the rosters along with their 2018 stats at the end of the blog post.

  • 19 October: Tainan Stadium, 18:30
  • 20 October: Tainan Stadium, 17:00
  • 21 October: Xinzhuang Stadium, 17:00
  • 22 October: Xinzhuang Stadium, 18:30 (If necessary)
  • 23 October: Tainan Stadium, 18:30 (If necessary)

Playoff Series Slogans, Promotional Giveaways

With the Playoff Series approaching, both teams have announced their slogans and visuals for the postseason.

Uni-Lions fans will receive limited free team scarf and mini supporter billboard at the gates. While the Guardians will be giving away free “Strive” victory flags to all the fans sitting in the infield zone.

Uni-Lions Playoff Slogan: ALL IN

Fubon Guardians Playoff Slogan: Strive

2018 Playoff Series Uni-Lions Roster

陳韻文 (Chen Yun-Wen)RHP4946.03.721.223.7312230.510.5
江辰晏 (Chiang Chen-Yen)LHP1996.13.461.304.6712719.78.5
林子崴 (Lin Tzu-Wei)LHP2720.05.851.755.717716.714.4
Ryan VerdugoLHP28148.14.311.394.0710921.75.2
Josh RoenickeRHP26156.
Andy Van HekkenLHP630.05.401.475.168612.84.5
邱浩鈞 (Chiu Hao-Chun)RHP5551.03.351.554.6113016.78.6
黃竣彥 (Huang Chun-Yen)RHP4246.22.891.524.2913918.27.5
王鏡銘 (Wang Ching-Ming)RHP6259.25.281.734.638917.27.7
傅于剛 (Fu Yu-Kang)RHP3734.05.031.654.299422.67.1
施子謙 (Shih Tzu-Chien)RHP19107.13.861.604.6411911.06.8
江承峰 (Chiang Cheng-Feng)RHP2320.25.231.354.649019.87.7
郭峻偉 (Kuo Chun-Wei)C360.2410.3430.2416011.12.80.91
林祐樂 (Lin Yu-Le)C620.1930.2030.28150.025.81.25
郭阜林 (Kuo Fu-Lin)IF4710.2840.3490.4961177.021.41.07
黃恩賜 (Huang En-Tzu)IF1360.2200.2760.276417.426.50.68
陳鏞基 (Chen Yung-Chi)IF3470.3040.3740.4581149.227.40.51
楊家維 (Yang Chia-Wei)IF390.2120.3330.3338012.841.00.8
陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien)IF5270.3560.4280.4951358.78.21.47
潘彥廷 (Pan Yen-Ting)IF1760.3180.3970.4421169.720.51.41
買嘉儀 (Mai Chia-I)IF220.3640.3640.4551180.022.71
高國慶 (Kao Kuo-Ching)IF2990.3250.3650.4421084.711.00.99
唐肇廷 (Tang Chao-Ting)OF2710.2380.2880.306495.517.30.85
羅國龍 (Luo Guo-Long)OF2310.2460.3200.4028210.020.80.72
鄭鎧文 (Cheng Kai-Wen)OF1930.2290.3140.441874.236.30.71
蘇智傑 (Su Chih-Chieh)OF2840.3070.3980.53713610.920.80.9
潘武雄 (Pan Wu-Hsiung)OF2940.2900.3620.4751129.514.61.05
莊駿凱 (Chuang Chun-Kai)OF1230.2700.3190.297595.720.30.83

2018 Playoff Series Fubon Guardians Roster

Bryan WoodallRHP28169.
羅嘉仁 (Lo Chia-Jen)RHP2318.18.352.186.26245.211.5
陳鴻文 (Chen Hung-Wen)RHP2450.24.621.606.2910320.311.4
黃亦志 (Huang Yi-Chih)RHP2276.15.661.735.058110.27.4
倪福德 (Ni Fu-Te)LHP4442.
蔡明晋 (Tsai Ming-Jin)RHP1026.06.921.816.585412.28.9
Taylor JordanRHP737.25.971.653.917418.34.1
Mike LoreeRHP26161.03.471.203.5812723.62.4
賴鴻誠 (Lai Hung-Cheng)LHP6356.03.541.344.6612616.16.9
郭泓志 (Kuo Hong-Chih)LHP3734.03.711.324.3812230.113.7
陳仕朋 (Chen Shih-Peng)LHP727.17.241.796.344810.18.5
林羿豪 (Lin Yi-Hao)RHP2220.
方克偉 (Fang Ke-Wei)C1500.1600.2380.214128.6716.671.55
林宥穎 (Lin Yu-Ying)C2150.2590.3040.317556.5113.951.18
蔡友達 (Tsai Yu-Ta)C760.2710.2640.37146028.950.63
林益全 (Lin Yi-Chuan)IF3880.3150.3660.4581116.9613.921.08
李宗賢 (Lee Tsung-Hsien)IF1270.2430.3060.279527.8719.691.14
陳凱倫 (Chen Kai-Lun)IF1510.2560.3220.349667.2818.541.27
蔣智賢 (Chiang Chih-Hsien)IF4670.3310.3730.5451325.7815.631.14
范國宸 (Fan Kuo-Chen)IF2100.2870.3210.379813.8116.671.4
于孟馗 (Yu Meng-Kuei)IF2140.2750.3300.335626.5415.421.66
王正棠 (Wang Cheng-Tang)IF1420.3520.4120.4511248.4512.681.86
陳品捷 (Chen Pin-Chieh)IF4850.2940.3680.412989.915.880.9
林哲瑄 (Lin Che-Hsuan)OF4410.2780.3450.425967.0314.970.72
張正偉 (Chang Cheng-Wei)OF3990.2940.3740.37110410.2813.531.43
胡金龍 (Hu Chin-Lung)OF4220.3740.4140.5561495.929.481.24
高國輝 (Kao Kuo-Hui)OF2430.2530.3790.44911916.4621.40.5
高孝儀 (Kao Hsiao-Yi)OF1520.2540.2970.343563.9510.531.22


  1. Josh Lowey, the Mexican League’s version of Mike Loree, made his first start in the Dominican Winter League, striking out seven in five innings pitched while allowing only one run. A CPBL team should have signed Lowey last off-season, but he didn’t pitch in the winter leagues last winter and that probably hurt his chances. I suspect that Lowey is pitching in the Dominican Republic this winter, instead of the Mexican Pacific League where has pitched in past winters, because he wants to catch the attention of an Asian team.


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