Yu Chang Registers for 2024 CPBL Draft


On June 18, MLB infielder Yu Chang (張育成) announced that he will leave the Tampa Bay Rays organisation and return to Taiwan to enter the 2024 CPBL draft.

“It’s been ten years working away from home. I miss home very much. Therefore, I’ve decided to enter the 2024 CPBL draft. I really appreciate that the Rays organisation has been very understanding and supportive of my decision,” said Yu Chang.

Fubon Guardians 1st Round Pick: Yu Chang

Unless something unexpected happens, the Fubon Guardians, who hold the first overall pick in the 2024 CPBL draft, are almost certain to select the 28-year-old infielder immediately.

Shortly after Yu Chang’s announcement, the Guardians told the media that they had been in talks with Chang and his agency for quite some time and looked forward to him wearing the Guardians’ uniform in the second half of the 2024 season. The Fubon Guardians also emphasised that they will show the utmost sincerity in negotiating the contract details with Yu Chang.

Since December 2023, multiple local media outlets have hinted that Yu Chang is seeking an annual salary package of roughly 800,000 USD. Should the Guardians agree to it, Yu Chang would be the highest-paid player in CPBL history. When asked by the media regarding the Guardians’ offer to Yu Chang, the Guardians’ representative declined to comment.

Yu Chang’s Time in the MLB System and 2023 WBC

Yu Chang, who was known as Chang Yu-Cheng at that time, signed with the Cleveland Indians for 500,000 USD after graduating high school in 2013. After several years in the minor league, in 2019, he made his MLB debut and became the 16th Taiwanese player to reach MLB.

From 2019 to 2023, Yu Chang was active in the MLB, playing for the Indians, Pirates, Guardians, Rays, and Red Sox. In over 235 games and 650 plate appearances, he slashed .204/.265/.359 with 20 home runs. Defensively, he primarily played as a shortstop but had demonstrated his ability to cover all the infield positions (SS, 1B, 2B, 3B).

In 2023, Yu Chang represented Taiwan in the World Baseball Classic, serving as Team Taiwan’s cleanup hitter and first baseman. In 4 games, he slashed .438/.500/.938 with two doubles and two home runs (including a grand slam) and was named the MVP of Pool A.

Yu Chang’s 2024 Triple-A Season

Fast forward to 2024, the Tampa Bay Rays signed Yu Chang to a minor league deal with a spring training invite. Chang started the spring camp strong, hitting a home run in his first at-bat. However, he suffered an oblique strain in his spring training second game and was eventually assigned to Triple-A.

Prior to Yu Chang’s announcement of entering the 2024 CPBL draft, he appeared in 14 games in Triple-A and compiled a slash line of .293/.431/.512 with two home runs across 51 plate appearances. It is worth mentioning that Chang missed quite a lot of games this year due to a hit-by-pitch to his elbow and a shoulder injury after he collided with a teammate while chasing down a fly ball.


  1. Good to see Chang return to Taiwan. It will sure be interesting to see if he can live up to expectations. He’s still reasonably in his prime.

  2. It’s my guess that Chang will lead the CPBL at least once in home runs. His problem in MLB wasn’t lack of pop, it was getting on base.

    • Very likely. Yu Chang’s game power is on another level. I remember watching him play against the CPBL teams during the 2023 WBC training camp, his exit velocity was noticeably faster.

  3. Best of everything to you, Yu Chang. Welcome home. I know you will do great. You will be missed in USA but we will watch you in Taiwan.


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