Yang Kuan-Wei released by Fubon Guardians

Fubon Guardians have released catcher/ infielder 陽冠威 (Yang Kuan-Wei).  The 2012 4th round draft pick is the 6th players that have been released by Guardians this off-season.  Yang finished his 2017 season with all time low at-bats, hitting .250/.310/.368 in the 1st team.

“From my understanding, it’s only Yang that’s on the list today.  But there’s a possibility for more after the fall training camp.  We’ll submit final list by the November 30th deadline”  Said Guardians operational director.

Yang Kuan-Wei CPBL career stats
2012 4th round draft pick 陽冠威 (Yang Kuan-Wei) CPBL career stats

Unable to find a position for Yang Kuan-Wei

Despite being signed as a catcher and hitting 8 home runs in his rookie season, Yang have failed to meet the organisation expectations defensively as catcher.

Since 2015 season, the team have been trying to find other positions for Yang.  During that time Yang have tried 1B, 3B, OF and even SS before settling down on 1B in 2016.

With Guardians have superstar 1st baseman 林益全 (Lin Yi-Chuan) and top prospect 李宗賢 (Li Tsung-Hsien) taking up the primary 3rd base role.  Yang’s opportunity to start have dropped dramatically in 2017, with only 84 plate appearances and spent majority of his time in the farm team.

Players released by Guardians so far (27-NOV-2017)

Guardians have already released 5 players back in late October before the fall training camp.  According to CPBL rule, the organisation will have until 30th November to finalised the list of players they wish to release.

  • 陳泓亦 (Chen Hung-Yi)
  • 陳煥揚 (Chen Huan-Yang)
  • 陳冠儒 (Chen Kuan-Ju)
  • 潘庭豐 (Pan Ting-Feng)
  • 方玄宗 (Fang Hsuan-Tsung)
  • 陽冠威 (Yang Kuan-Wei)
    • Catcher/ IF – (career stats)
    • 4th round draft pick in 2012


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