Wang Seng-Wei ties CPBL record for most hit by pitch

Chinatrust Brothers veteran shortstop 王勝偉 (Wang Seng-Wei) have reached 100 career hit-by-pitch milestone.  At the same time also tied the CPBL record for most hit-by-pitch, a record which previous set by Brother Elephants catcher 陳瑞昌 (Chen Je-Chang).

Journey to 100 HBP for Wang Seng-Wei

Below is the hit by pitch breakdown by teams.

Team# HBP
Lamigo Monkeys (La New Bears)35
EDA Rhinos12
Sinon Bulls11
dmedia T-REX5
Chinatrust Whales5

The next CPBL magneto?

In the current CPBL top 10 HBP chart, Wang on average gets hit once every 42 plate appearances.  Other than Wang, Lamigo Monkeys 林泓育 (Lin Hung-Yu) is only player that have PA/HBP that’s lower than Wang (40 PA/HBP).

1王 勝 偉Wang Seng-Wei428510042.9
2林 智 勝Lin Chih-Sheng52598462.6
3彭 政 閔Peng Cheng-Min65158378.5
4張 建 銘Chang Chien-Ming49458061.8
5林 泓 育Lin Hung-Yu32348040.4
6高 國 慶Kao Kuo-Ching55836388.6
7鄭 達 鴻Cheng Ta-Hung39735868.5
8張 正 偉Chang Cheng-Wei37165567.6
9劉 芙 豪Kao Chih-Kang44325482.1
10高 志 綱Kao Chih-Kang34535069.1

Quick profile on Wang Seng-Wei

Wang drafted by Brother Elephants (Chinatrust Brothers) in the 1st round back in 2006.  Since then, Wang has been the primary short stop for Brothers and have won 7 CPBL gold gloves.

At the end of 2016, Wang filed for free agency and was resigned by the Chinatrust Brothers with 2-year 350,000 USD extension.


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