The Wang Dynasty: M3 to break CPBL fastest 400 hits record

4 months ago we wrote about Lamigo Monkeys’ 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) is going to break the fastest 300 hits record in CPBL history.  Here we are again to announce that this kid is currently on pace to set a new CPBL record for being the fastest player to reach career 400 hits.

Former record Wang Po-Jung
Hit Name Games AB Games AB
100 Lin Yi-Chuang 62 250 69 278
200 Lin Yi-Chuang 142 571 112 503
300 Hu Chin-Lung 216 863 183 744
400 Hu Chin-Lung 278 1125 251 994
500 Hu Chin-Lung 342 1383 ? ?


The Wang Dynasty

Just how fast is Wang Po-Jung at producing hits?  To put it in perspective, Wang will have 30 games to produce 3 more hits in order to break the CPBL record previously set by former Dodgers 胡金龍 (Hu Chin-Lung) in 2015.

What’s more exciting is that Wang is only 24 years old, still at the growing stage for a professional baseball player, while Hu set his record at the age of 31.

Wang Po-Jung very likely to break the CPBL record tonight for being the fastest player to reach 400 hits

This season Wang Po-Jung has proven that his 2016 monster stats (.414/.476/.689) was not a fluke.  As it today, he is hitting .409/.494/.703 with .294 IsoP (League average .156) while leading the league with 195 OPS+.

With just 3 hits shy from the fastest to reach 400 career hits record.  At today’s game against Chinatrust Brothers, Wang will have the opportunity to put his name in the CPBL record book once again.

Update 21st September – Meet your new record holder

Wang has set the record for being the fastest player to reach career 400 hits on 21st of September with a double against Fubon Guardians ace Mike Loree.  Wang did in just 251 games and 994 at-bat.


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