Universiade 2017 team Taiwan 22-man roster

Final countdown to Taipei 2017 Universiade

There’s only 31 days until the opening of Universiade 2017 baseball tournament (20-29th August).  CTBA (Chinese Taipei Baseball Association) have released the final 22-man roster which made up by some of the top Taiwanese talents under the age of 23.

The squad also comes with an All-Star coaching team with well-experienced Manager 郭李建夫 (Kuo Lee Chien-Fu), batting coach Tommy Cruz, pitching coach 康明杉 (Kang Ming-Shan), and coach 林宗毅 (Lin Tsung-Yi) who was part of the Gwangju 2015 Universiade gold medal squad.

Taiwanese national team for the upcoming Universiade 2017 tournament.

Gwangju 2015 Universiade game: Korea vs Taiwan highlight

Universiade 2017 management team

Coach TeamName#
Manager郭李建夫 (Kuo Li Chien-Fu)88
Coach余浩奕 (Yu Hao-Yi)38
Coach康明杉 (Kang Ming-Shan)70
CoachTommy Cruz3
Coach林宗毅 (Lin Tzung-Yi)33
Coach邱敏舜 (Chiu Min-Shun)13
Coach李軾揚 (Li Shih-Yang)51
Athletic Trainer蔡豐謜 (Tsai Fung-Yuan)
Athletic Trainer陳俊綺 (Chen Chun-Chi)
Management王裕盛 (Wang Yu-Sheng)

Universiade 2017 team Taiwan’s roster

As for the players, the 22-man roster is quite appealing as some already have professional experiences and being forced by CTBA to participate in this tournament.  We’ll have quick brief on those players below.

  • 蘇智傑 (Su Chih-Chieh) who was the 2016 CPBL #1 overall draft.  Who recently just qualified himself with enough plate appearance (205PA) to compete in the CPBL individual stats leader board.  Su is now ranked #3 in batting average (.374) and #2 in the wRC+ (160) and expect to lead the team Taiwan batting lineup and show the rest of the world how good he can hit.
  • Catcher 張閔勛 (Chang Ming-Hsun) & pitcher 陳明軒 (Chen Ming-Hsuan) are still earning their tickets to the CPBL top team roster, so far both of them are in the farm team waiting for the opportunity to be call up.

Apart for the CPBL rookies, there are also some freshmen that was recently drafted by CPBL teams, including 4 from Uni-Lions, 2 from Lamigo, and 1 from Fubon/ Chinatrust.  The 2017 Universiade game will be their last tournamanet as amateur before turning pro.  You can also refer to our 2017 CPBL draft analysis for further information about them.

LHP呂彥青 (Lu Yen-Ching)15L/L17670National Taiwan University of Sport
RHP施子謙 (Shih Tzu-Chien)45R/R18397National Taiwan University of Sport*Uni-Lions
RHP江國豪 (Chiang Kuo-Hao)12R/R17875National Taiwan University of Sport
LHP林安可 (Lin An-Ko)22L/L18490Private Chinese Culture University
RHP吳俊杰 (Wu Chun-Chieh)72R/R18780Kainan University
RHP吳承諭 (Wu Chen-Yu)31R/R18186Kainan University
RHP李子揚 (Li Tzu-Yang)41R/R18095National Taiwan University of Sport
RHP吳丞哲 (Wu Cheng-Che)18R/R18092Fu Jen Catholic University*Lamigo
RHP陳明軒 (Chen Ming-Hsuan)85R/R18082Kainan UniversityFubon
C張閔勛 (Chang Min-Hsun)86R/R17780Private Chinese Culture UniversityLamigo
C吳松勳 (Wu Sung-Hsun)27R/R17595Kainan University
IF蘇智傑 (Su Chih-Chieh)32R/L18085Private Chinese Culture UniversityUni-Lions
IF吳桀睿 (Wu Chieh-Jui)11R/R17085Kainan University*Uni-Lions
IF陳重廷 (Chen Chung-Ting)37R/R18181Private Chinese Culture University*Uni-Lions
IF張皓緯 (Chang Hao-Wei)6R/R17778Private Chinese Culture University
IF林立 (Lin Li)83R/R18078National Taiwan Sport University*Lamigo
IF陳麒源 (Chen Chi-Yuan)2R/R17575Kainan University
IF范國宸 (Fan Kuo-Chen)10R/R18495National Taiwan University of Sport*Fubon
OF陳重羽 (Chen Chung-Yu)1R/R18383National Taiwan Sport University*Uni-Lions
OF王正棠 (Wang Cheng-Tang)53R/L17780National Taiwan University of Sport
OF岳東華 (Yue Tung-Hua)58R/L18078Kainan University*Chinatrust
OF施冠宇 (Shih Kuang-Yu)34R/R18395Private Chinese Culture University

(Player with * means they were picked in the 2017 CPBL mid-season draft)

Players highlights


Lin An-Ko 3IP with 8SO in 2016 CPBL Winter League

Lu Yen-Ching with 3 consecutive SO in Universiade practice game

Two-way player Shih Tzu-Chien (Max 145kph and bat in U23 tournament)

Chen Ming-Hsuan 5SO highlight with max speed 147kph in 2017 CPBL farm game


Su Chih-Chieh 2016 CPBL HR highlight

Chen Chung-Yu batting footage

Wang Cheng-Tang batting highlights

Yue Tung-Hua incredible diving catch in 2017 Taiwan vs USA NCAA All-Star exhibition

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