Tim Melville Throws 11th No-Hitter in CPBL History

It was a night to remember at Tainan stadium on April 2, 2021. Top of the ninth, two outs, the count was 2-2, the Uni-Lions Tim Melville stared at the catcher sign with his hat thoroughly soaked in sweats. The 31-year-old left-hander seemed exhausted due to the high pitch count, but everyone in the stadium knew he just needs one more strike to get the job done.

At pitch number 142, Tim Melville fired a 145kph fastball at the outside corner and blew past the Dragons hitter. The stadium instantly erupted in cheers, with the Uni-Lions players rushing toward the mound.

Just like that, Tim Melville became the 11th player to throw a no-hitter in the CPBL history. His final line for the night: 9IP, 0H, 0R, 10K, 5BB (142 pitches).

“Feel a little hungry, I want to get some soup dumplings,” said Tim Melville in the post-game MVP interview. “It was a good team win, and it was also a win for the fans too.”

“I was a little hesitant about letting Tim Melville going back out after the seventh inning because he already reached 120 pitches,” said the Uni-Lions manager Lin Yueh-Ping. “But I believe in him, and I was glad to hear that he wanted to go back out there.”

“This is my first no-hitter in my professional career,” said Tim Melville. “I once lost a no-hitter in the eighth, so if there is a chance to get that no-hitter, I want to get it.”

Unsung Heroes

Apart from Tim Melville’s valiant effort, there are a few unsung heroes that contributed to this no-hitter. In the first inning, Chen Chieh-Hsien’s diving catch in the outfield and two nice plays by the Uni-Lions infielders Kao Kuo-Ching and Yang Chia-Wei in the eighth inning.

“Amazing plays, that diving catch in the first inning set the tone for the defence tonight,” said Tim Melville.

Powerful Ultraman Uniform

There must be something magical about those Ultraman uniform, as it gives special powers to whoever that is wearing them. In 2018, the Uni-Lions Ryan Verdugo threw the CPBL’s first-ever perfect game wearing those Ultraman uniform.

Previous No-Hitter Games in CPBL


  1. We’ll see if throwing 142 pitches has any subsequent effects on Melville’s pitching this. No one throws more than 120 pitches in a game today (at least outside of NPB) unless they have a no-hitter going. Even in crucial post-season games I don’t think starters throw more than 120 pitches now.

    • Probably better off to skip him on his next scheduled start. It’s too early in the season to risk it.

      Also, must be tough for the management too. Do you tell him not to get it? It is kind of like a once in a life time opportunity too. Very difficult decision to make.


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