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Uni-Lions News: Teddy Stankiewicz

On July 30, the Uni-Lions announced the signing of 26-year-old right-hander Teddy Stankiewicz. According to the team, Stankiewicz will arrive in Taiwan the next day and then will undergo the 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Teddy Stankiewicz only reached Triple-A during his time with the Boston Red Sox organisation. In 2019 season, he posted a solid 3.85 ERA and 1.35 WHIP over 131 innings in Triple-A as a starting pitcher.

During the off-season, Stankiewicz went on to pitched in the winter league in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. He dominated in those two leagues posting an outstanding 2.27 ERA and 1.69 ERA respectively.

According to the scouting report on Sox Prospects, Teddy Stankiewicz throws four pitches with a three-quarters arm slot.

  • Fastball: 90-93 mph / 145-149 kph
  • Slider: 83-85 mph / 134-137 kph
  • Changeup: 84-86 mph / 135-138 kph
  • Curveball: 74-76 mph / 119-122 kph

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  1. I liked him as a possible CPBL pitcher last off season but he signed with a Mexican League team. But no Mexican League season so its good to see a CPBL team sign him.

  2. All considered, it did not take the Uni-Lions all that long to get Stankiewitcz into CPBL major league game action. He wasn’t great in his first start but picked up the win. Interesting that the CPBL uses only two characters for his name, given how long it is. Does the CPBL name his as “Teddy” or “Stanky”?

    • Yeah, the Uni-Lions are forced to rushed Logan, Darnell, Tim Melville and Teddy Stankiewicz. Pretty much trial by fire and expect them to tune up in the first team.

      But given their situation with lack of foreign players, I can sort of understand the reason behind it.

      Yeah, the team use “Teddy” for Teddy Stankiewitcz in the CPBL.


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