Uni-Lions Rising Star Chen Chieh-Hsien

Prior join CPBL, there are already plenty of buzz surrounding the U21 baseball world cup gold medalist 陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien) who also bears a striking resemblance to a popular Taiwanese actor.

With all the media attention and the tremendous expectations from Uni-Lions’ fans.  It’s not an easy task for an amateur who jumped straight into professional baseball to show off his ability in front of thousands of fans, but Chen Chieh-Hsien was able to live up to the hype and outperformed the organization’s expectation.

Photo Credit : Kris Wan

The 23-year old Chen Chieh-Hsien was drafted by the Lions in the 2nd round last season.  The young left-handed prospect immediately bring out his best soon after his signing with the Uni-Lions in early July and finished the 2016 season with the solid stats of .345/.403/.457 with 103 OPS+

As the 2017 season entering its 3rd month, Chen shows no sign of slowing down, currently hitting .407/.470/.576 ranked #2 in the overall wRC+ ranking with 160 after 29 games.  At the same time surpassed Chinatrust Brothers elite hitter 蔣智賢 (Chiang Chih-Hsian) on the overall ranking for most hits (48H).

Photo Credit : Kris Wan

Chen went to high school in Japan with the goal of playing in NPB, but did not won any offer and came back to Taiwan and joined the Industrial League in 2013.  He was part of the 2014 Taiwanese 21U Baseball World Cup gold medal team along side with Monkeys’ 2015 #1 pick 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) and 2016 Uni-Lions #1 draftpick 蘇智傑 (Su Chih-Chieh).

Photo Credit : Kris Wan

With the left-handed advantage and good speed, Chen is at the heart of Uni-Lions transformation to new generation.  Not to mention his charisma and the look that melts all the female fans heart.  The Uni-Lions definitely going to shape Chen into the next poster child of the organisation. [Kris Wan]


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