Uni-Lions’ Injured List Reached 23 Players

Whatever baseball gods the Uni-Lions are praying to, it is simply not working. After the game on May 5, the Uni-Lions lost another two key players to their ever-growing injured list, which brings the total injured count to an alarming 23 players.

Just how bad is this injury bug situation? To give some context, the Uni-Lions currently have 63 players in their organisation. That is almost 37% of its player currently being sidelined due to injuries, and this is only counting the “reported injuries” in the news.

Solutions to this problem? Better trainers? Pray more? Exorcism? Burn one of the Uni-Lions cheerleaders? I do not have the answer to it, but what I do know is, if they keep up this injury rate, the Uni-Lions are going to run out of players.

Uni-Lions Injured List Tracker

Below is the list of all the reported injured Uni-Lions players and their current status and estimated return date. (Last Updated: May 6, 2019)

*Note: I’m not a medical expert, so there is a possibility some of the technical terms might be wrong.

Name Position Injury Update/ Status
黃竣彥 (Huang Chun-Yen) RHP Elbow ligament tear ?
吳桀睿 (Wu Chieh-Jui) 2B Shoulder avulsion fracture At least July
鄧志偉 (Teng Chih-Wei) 1B Knee ACL tear At least July
Ryan Verdugo LHP Shoulder tightness Rehab games
林睿煬 (Gu Lin Ruei-Yang) RHP Shoulder injury ?
施冠宇 (Shih Kuan-Yu) 1B Hyperthyroidism ?
徐政斌 (Hsu Cheng-Pin) C ? Rehab games
羅錦龍 (Lo Ching-Lung) LHP Shoulder? ?
江承峰 (Chiang Cheng-Feng) RHP ? ?
羅國龍 (Luo Guo-Long) CF Hamstring strain ?
陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien) SS Hand fractured Early July (3 months)
Josh Roenicke RHP Abdominal strain Early July (6 weeks)
林勝傑 (Lin Sheng-Chieh) LF Leg strain ?
陳鏞基 (Chen Yung-Chi) 3B Lower back inflammation Return May (1 week)
蔡奕玄 (Tsai Yi-Hsuan) SS Knee contusion ?
鄭鎧文 (Cheng Kai-Wen) LF Hand injury ?
方昶詠 (Fang Chang-Yung) CF ? ?
江亮緯 (Chiang Liang-Wei) CF Lower back tightness ?
王玉譜 (Wang Yu-Pu) LHP Finger blister Day-to-day
楊家維 (Yang Chia-Wei) 3B Wrist strain Day-to-day
唐肇廷 (Tang Chao-Ting) CF ? Day-to-day
張偉聖 (Chang Wei-Sheng) LF Foot discomfort Day-to-day
潘武雄 (Pan Wu-Hsiung) LF Knee swelling Day-to-day
賴泊凱 (Lai Po-Kai) RHP Herniated disc At least 1 week


    • Pretty much lost their chance at winning the first-half season. Don’t think I ever seen a CPBL team have that much injury within such short amount of time.


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