Uni-Lions part ways with hitting coach Bill Springman

Shake-up at Uni-Lions camp today.  As Uni-Lions part ways with hitting coach Bill Springman just 3 months into the 2017 season.  Springman, the former hitting coordinator of the Minnesota Twins was signed by Lions earlier this year to replaced Michael Brumley who decided not to return to Lions due to family reason.

Bill Springman at Lions spring training camp. Photo Credit: (ET NEWS)

According to Lions GM, although Springman had an extensive coaching experience in the MLB system.  Perhaps there’s something to do with his teaching method, Lions players are unable to comprehend and applied what they been taught once they stepped into the batter’s box.

Lions skipper 黃甘霖 (Huang Kan-Lin) has offered more insight on the sacking of the hitting coach.  Apparently, there’s communication problems between Springman, players and Lions management team.

I understand it’s doesn’t look good replacing coach during mid-season, but from a long term operational point of view, the team needs a coach that’s able communicate well with the players and the rest of the management team” Said skipper Huang Kan-Lin in an interview with the local media.

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Coaching movement

  • 劉育辰 (Liu Yu-Chen)- Farm team hitting coach promoted to top team hitting coach.
  • 許峰賓 (Hsu Feng-Pin)- Farm team manager will takeover hitting coach role (farm).
  • 周廣勝 (Chou Kuang-Sheng)- Will retire and take on the role of farm team defense coach.

Lastly, we’ll leave you with one of the most memorable moment of Bill Springman in the 2017 season, as he shows off his dance move in the dugout.


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