Uni-Lions Pan Wei-Lun expected to reach career 1000 strikeouts tonight

Uni-Lions veteran 潘威倫 (Pan Wei-Lun) has been call-up to the top team yesterday, and is scheduled to start against Fubon Guardians tonight hoping to put an end to the team’s 7-game losing streak.

The 14-year CPBL veteran began his 2017 season in the farm league due to the fact he was allocated as an reliever in the 2017 WBC tournament.  And would required some time to make the adjustment before returning to the rotation.  Pan made his last farm team appearance as a starter on the 25th of April where he gave up 5H, 1ER over 5 innings against Lamigo Monkeys.

Uni-Lions veteran Pan Wei-Lun in 2017 WBC tournament (Photo Credit: Kris Wan)

Just 4 away from career 1000 strikeouts

After 14 years of service, Pan is now 4 strikeouts away from reaching the 1000-strikeout milestone.  Pan will be the 2nd players in the league after Sinon Bulls’ Osvaldo Martinez (1286K) to achieve that in CPBL history.

Pan Wei-Lun Career Stats

  • 271 Game Starts
  • 16 Complete Games
  • 4 Shutouts
  • 129 Wins
  • 1719.1 Innings pitched
  • Career 3.12 ERA, 1.21 WHIP.

Update – Pan has done it! 1000th career strikeout

Who will be the next to join the 1000-K club?

Short answer is probably not going to happen for at least 7 years.  As the current #2 (陽建福Yang Chien-Fu, 822K) and #3 (林英傑 Lin Ying-Chieh, 790K) on the all time strikeouts leaderboard are at the end of their professional career and only being used as relievers the chance of them reaching 1000K milestone is highly unlikely.

Uni-Lions’ Pan Wei-Lun leads the current active players in strikeouts with 996

Other potential candidates?

  • 29-year-old Chinatrust Brothers ace 鄭凱文 (Cheng Kai-Wen) is currently sitting at 315K over 412 innings with the career K9 of 6.6
  • 30-year-old Uni-Lions 廖文揚 (Liao Wen-Yang) 358K over 572 innings, career K9 of 5.6.
  • 27-year-old Fubon Guardians 黃勝雄 (Huang Sheng-Hsiung) 203K over 250 innings, career K9 of 7.3.  Huang will have a shot at the the 1000K club if he returns to the starting rotation.
  • 22-year-old Uni-Lions 陳韻文 (Chen Yun-Wen) 87K over 91 innings, career K9 of 8.6.  If Uni-Lions start using Chen as a starting pitcher.


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