Uni-Lions 36-year-old veteran 高志綱 (Kao Chih-Kang) has reached 1000th career game as the catcher.  Kao is the 3rd catcher in CPBL history to reach that milestone, just behind 葉君璋 (Yeh Chun-Chang) and 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung).

Congratulated by the Iron Catcher.

After the game, Kao received standing ovation from both teams and also personally congratulated by Lamigo Monkeys skipper 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung).  Who is known as the “Iron Catcher” back in the day, who did not miss a game between 1993-1996.

Life is short, so I just take it one step at the time.  Seize the moment is the most important thing”  Said 高志綱 (Kao Chih-Kang) after game.

CPBL all time games as catcher

  1. 葉君璋 (Yeh Chun-Chang) – 1367 games as catcher (1996-2011)
  2. 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung) – 1093 games as catcher (1990-2002)
  3. 高志綱 (Kao Chih-Kang) – 1000 games as catcher (As 6th September 2017)
  4. 曾智偵 (Tseng Chih-Chen) – 782 games as catcher (1990-2004)
  5. 陳瑞昌 (Chen Je-Chang) – 746 games as catcher (1996-2009)
  6. 黃浩然 (Huang Hao-Jan) – 629 games as catcher (As 6th September 2017)
1000th game as catcher for 高志綱 (Kao Chih-Kang).  Photo Credit : (Uni-Lions Facebook / Filter017)



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