Uni-Lions homeless until September. Tainan stadium on loan to U12 games.

With Tainan city’s new Asia-Pacific International Baseball training facility pretty much dead in the water due to lack of interest from the local bidders.  The city of Tainan has once again loan Tainan stadium (Home of Uni-Lions) to World Baseball Softball Confederation for the upcoming U-12 baseball tournament.

Tainan stadium is scheduled to shut for maintenance from the 26th June.  Despite being fully adopted since 1999, the Lions is once again homeless and have to travel all over Taiwan until the 1st of September.

Temporary practice field for Uni-Lions

During the homeless period.  For practice, Uni-Lions will have to borrow an amateur baseball field which based in Kaohsiung as their temporary home base.  Interestingly enough that particular field was also used by KBO’s Lotte Giants farm team for their 2017 spring camp.

For the past few seasons, Taiwan has been the place for KBO to send their farm team during spring training.  As winter in southern Taiwan is almost non-existing and also there’s benefit of playing against the local CPBL teams.

In 2017 spring training, farm teams from KBO’s KIA, Doosan, Lotte, Nexen, Samsung and Police can be found all over Taiwan playing with various local teams from professional, industrial teams to university teams.  Click here for the 2017 KBO farm teams Taiwan schedule

Uni-Lions have to use Guo-Qing baseball field as their temporary base.  Photo Credit:(Reach Sports)

Uni-Lions want to built their own stadium? To have better control?

There’s a rumour floating around that in order to have better control over the stadium.  Uni-Lions had plan to purchase land and build their own stadium, however the project was blocked by Tainan city due to conflict of interest.  As Tainan have plan to build an international baseball training facility.  Read more about the proposed new Tainan stadium.

The proposed Asia-Pacific International Baseball training facility. However not much movement since then.


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