Uni-Lions 2017 season opener & upcoming theme nights

Last week was the Uni-Lions 2017 season opener.  With new management team, uniforms, logo and corporate identity we see a huge shift in team chemistry in the 2017 season.  The team once thought to be conservative has transformed into a trendy team with full of innovative ideas.  This change has brought over 8,000 fans into the ball park (Full capacity of 12,000 seats) at the opening day.

Let’s play ball!!

Uni-Lions 2017 theme nights schedule. Photo Credit: (Uni-Lions Facebook page)

The Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions announced its full promotional schedule for the 2017 season.  60 home games featuring 7 theme nights, starting from April 4th with the grand opening.

The Grand Opening

The Uni-Lion’s opening day, welcomes Fubon Guardians for their first arrival at Tainan baseball stadium.  It has been two years since the last Uni-Lions season opener in Tainan stadium due to renovations on the 86-year-old ball park.

A-Lin the Taiwanese pop-diva was invited to perform as the pre-game entertainment.  Fans on that day felt as if they were at a concert in Taipei arena as the diva delivered two songs to the fans.

Taiwanese pop-diva A-Lin performing at Uni-Lions grand opening (Also the wife of Uni-Lions manager)

What’s more, there are booths outside of the ballpark which fans could have fun along with Uni-Lions players before the game throughout the weekend events.  2017 is the year of rebranding for the Uni-Lions and they’re giving 100% to deliver the best experience to their fans.

Fans having fun with Uni-Lions stars outside of the stadium

Welcome to Tainan

Being the historic ancient capital of Taiwan, the city of Tainan has been marked as the cultural heart of the country.  Uni-Lions #2 theme nights of the year “Wonderful Tainan” takes place on the 8th and 22nd of April, specially designed to feature the beauty of Tainan.

Famous Taiwanese rapper Softlipa (蛋堡)

To let people know more about Tainan, about the people, cuisines, and great cultures, Uni-Lions has invited the famous rapper 蛋堡 (Softlipa) to perform on the 8th of April.  What’s more, fans who attended the game could go get free 膨餅, a traditional Tainan cakes with Uni-Lions logo on it.  The Tainan cake was chosen as the city souvenir by the department of culture affairs.

Bon appétit!! Tainan cake with Uni-Lion logo

Upcoming Theme Nights

Apart from the featured events in April, there will also be one theme event for each following months. Girls Day and Hero Day are the two themes which were highly appraised by fans in 2016 and will be continued on in 2017.

Lion Unions theme nights is another successful event last year, which Uni-Lions cooperated with NPB Saitama Seibu Lions.  It is a joint theme night as both teams had the chance to know more about Taiwan and Japan baseball culture.

Below are the 2017 Lions theme night schedule.  Lion fans, mark these events on your calendar!

Uni-Lions 2017 Theme nights

  • 4/4: OPENING DAY
  • 4/8, 4/22:WONDERFUL TAINAN
  • 5/13~14, 5/27~28:GIRLS STAND UP
  • 6/17~18:SUPER KNIGHT
  • 7/15~16: LIONS POWER UP Uni-Lions X Saitama Seibu Lions Joint theme night
  • 8/5~6, 8/19~20:OUR TIMES
  • 9/2, 9/9, 9/23:HEROES WITH U
  • 9/10: Voice of Lions

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