“The Lord” Tseng Tao-Jung set CPBL record with 4 consecutive HR

Chinatrust Brothers’ prospect 曾陶鎔 (Tseng Tao-Jung) has set the CPBL record with 4 home runs in 4 consecutive at bats.  Brothers fan have nicknamed Tseng as “Lord Tao-Jung” due to his recent hot hitting performance.

Video of Tseng Tao-Jung 4 consecutive HR highlight

Finally have a chance shine in the top team

曾陶鎔 (Tseng Tao-Jung) was drafted by the Chinatrust Brothers in the 10th round back in 2015.  Being a late-round draftpick and also with Brothers stacked lineup, players like Tseng has not been given much opportunity in the top team since signing with the Brothers.

In 2016, in order to increase his chance for making the top team, Tseng started playing outfield in the farm team with the goals of becomes the utility player similar to Monkeys 余德龍 (Yu Te-Lung).  With his ability to cover 2B, 3B, SS and OF, Tseng has made the Brothers 2017 opening day roster as back-up / pinch hit player.

Tseng is currently batting .340/.849/.435, 8 home runs over 62 PA with AB/HR at 6.63 Which puts Tseng the #2 in the AB/HR ranking (More than 5 HR)

AB/HR Ranking (More than 5HR)

  • Lions – 鄭鎧文 (Cheng Kai-Wen) – 6 HR – 6.3 AB/HR
  • Brothers – 曾陶鎔 (Tseng Tao-Jung) – 8 HR – 6.6 AB/HR
  • Guardians – 吳宗峻 (Wu Tsung-Chun)- 5 HR – 10.4 AB/HR
  • Brothers – 蔣智賢 (Chiang Chih-Hsien) – 10 HR – 11.7 AB/HR
  • Brothers – 林智勝 (Lin Chih-Sheng) –  8 HR – 12.3 AB/HR


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