Teams announced for 2017 Asia Winter Baseball League

CPBL have announced the 6 teams that will be participate in the 2017 Asia Winter Baseball League (CPBL Winter League).

From 25th of November to 17th of December, young prospects from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe and United States will gather in Taiwan with the goal of further develop themselves during the off-season.  For a lot of those them, this is a perfect opportunity to showcase themselves in front of the management team.

Full 2017 Asia Winter Baseball League rosters for CPBL, NPB, KBO, JABA and WBSC are available here.

The 2016 CPBL Winter League commercial

Teams in 2017 CPBL Winter League

The 2017 Winter League will once again feature 6 international teams, apart from the original CPBL, NPB and KBO there’s also going to be a few new faces this year.

With the 2015 Winter League champion Taiwanese national development squad have decided to participate in the 2017 Popcorn League instead.  Japan’s JABA (Japan Amateur Baseball Association) have been invited and will send an All-Star team to Taiwan this winter.

The European All-Star team will get a boost this year, as WBSC will takeover the selection of the EU All-Star team and will be adding players from the United States.

  • CPBL (Farm team)
  • NPB East (Farm team)
  • NPB West (Farm team)
  • KBO (Farm team)
  • JABA All-Star (Japanese industrial league)
  • WBSC European / USA All-Star (Team of EU and USA players)


    • From my understanding WBSC is in charge of this EU/ USA squad. So, maybe give WBSC a call and find out what’s the best way to get on that team?


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