Taiwan’s 2021 WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup Roster

Team Taiwan has announced the 24-man roster for the upcoming 2021 WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup in Sonora, Mexico from September 23 to October 2.

The Taiwanese squad is predominantly made up of university and industrial league players with a few professional players from the CPBL and MiLB.

  • CPBL – 2 Players
  • MiLB – 5 Players
  • University – 7 Players
  • Industrial League – 10 Players

Taiwan will be in Group A with Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Czech Republic and Germany. Meanwhile, Group B will have Korea, Venezuela, Netherlands, Panama, Nicaragua and Colombia.

According to Team Taiwan, the U-23 national team will begin their training camp on September 6 and fly to Mexico on the 15th. The Taiwanese squad is scheduled to play three warm-up games against the teams from the Mexican League.

鄭浩均 (Cheng Hao-Chun)RHPMiLB (R)Los Angeles Dodgers
王志庭 (Wang Chih-Ting)LHPMiLB (A)Kansas City Royals
徐基麟 (Hsu Chi-Ling)RHPMiLB (A)Philadelphia Phillies
林亭佑 (Lin Ting-Yu)RHPUniversityCulture University
莊陳仲敖 (Zhuang Chen Chung-Ao)RHPUniversityNTSU
陳宇宏 (Chen Yu-Hung)RHPIndustrial LeagueAnyong Fresh
李晨薰 (Lee Chen-Hsun)RHPUniversityNTSU
林振瑋 (Lin Chen-Wei)RHPUniversityCulture University
潘文輝 (Pan Wen-Hui)RHPUniversityKainan University
邱駿威 (Chiu Chun-Wei)RHPCPBLRakuten Monkeys
林昱珉 (Lin Yu-Min)LHPUniversityKainan University
林軒逸 (Lin Hsuan-Yi)CIndustrial LeagueTaiwan Power Company
蘇煒智 (Su Wei-Chih)CUniversityNTSU
張文漢 (Chang Wen-Han)CIndustrial LeagueNew Taipei City
李育全 (Li Yu-Chuan)IFIndustrial LeagueTaiwan Power Company
李亦崴 (Li Yi-Wei)IFIndustrial LeagueTaiwan Cooperative Bank
陳聖平 (Chen Sheng-Ping)IFMiLB (A)Arizona Diamondbacks
鄭宗哲 (Cheng Tsung-Che)IFMiLB (R)Pittsburgh Pirates
陳聖賢 (Chen Sheng-Hsien)IFIndustrial LeagueTaiwan Power Company
陳文賢 (Chen Wen-Hsien)IFIndustrial LeagueTaiwan Cooperative Bank
沈朕清 (Shen Chen-Ching)OFIndustrial LeagueAnyong Fresh
邱辰 (Chiu Chen)OFCPBLWei Chuan Dragons
曾宸佐 (Tseng Chen-Tso)OFIndustrial LeagueAnyong Fresh
王榆銓 (Wang Yu-Chuan)OFIndustrial LeaguePingtung Brown Shrike


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