Taiwan’s 2022 WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup Roster

On October 6, Team Taiwan announced the 24-man roster for the upcoming 2022 WBSC U-23 Baseball World Cup. The 12-nation tournament will kick off on October 13, with the hosting nation, Taiwan, taking on Columbia.

The 2022 Team Taiwan’s U-23 squad consists of minor league prospects from CPBL, MLB and NPB system, Taiwan’s semi-pro teams and universities.

  • CPBL: 11 Players
  • MiLB: 2 Players
  • NPB: 1 Player
  • Semi-Pro: 6 Players
  • University: 4 Players
郭定泓 (Kuo Ting-Hung) P Semi Pro Taiwan Power Company
巴青少 (Ba Qing-Shao) P Semi Pro Taiwan Power Company
游騰堯 (Yu Teng-Yao) P University Taitung University
陳宇宏 (Chen Yu-Hung) P CPBL Farm TSG Hawks
王彥程 (Wang Yen-Cheng) P NPB Farm Rakuten Eagles
賴延峰 (Lai Yen-Feng) P Semi Pro Taiwan Cooperative Bank
莊陳仲敖 (Zhuang Chen Zhong-Ao) P MiLB (A) Oakland Athletics
林振瑋 (Lin Chen-Wei) P University Culture University
徐基麟 (Hsu Chi-Lin) P CPBL Farm CTBC Brothers
莊昕諺 (Chuang Hsin-Yen) P CPBL Farm Rakuten Eagles
李晨薰 (Lee Chen-Hsun) P University NTSU
張聖豪 (Chang Sheng-Hao) C CPBL Farm CTBC Brothers
張翔 (Chang Hsiang) C CPBL Farm Uni-Lions
林岳谷 (Lin Yueh-Ku) IF CPBL Farm Fubon Guardians
李亦崴 (Li Yi-Wei) IF Semi Pro Taiwan Cooperative Bank
王騰玉 (Wang Teng-Yu) IF University Taitung University
謝彤恩 (Hsieh Tung-En) IF Semi Pro New Taipei City
紀慶然 (Chi Ching-Jan) IF CPBL Farm TSG Hawks
陳聖平 (Chen Sheng-Ping) IF MiLB (A Adv) Arizona Diamondbacks
楊竣翔 (Yang Chun-Hsiang) IF CPBL Farm Uni-Lions
曾宸佐 (Tseng Chen-Tso) OF CPBL Farm TSG Hawks
曾頌恩 (Tseng Sung-En) OF CPBL Farm CTBC Brothers
羅暐捷 (Lo Wei-Chieh) OF CPBL Farm Uni-Lions
顏國晉 (Yen Kuo-Chin) OF Semi Pro Taiwan Power Company

2022 U-18 Baseball World Cup Schedule

Taiwan will be in Group A with Japan, Venezuela, Columbia, South Africa and Germany. Meanwhile, Group B contains Korea, Mexico, Cuba, Netherlands, Puerto Rico and Australia.


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