Team Taiwan have announced their 25-man roster for the upcoming Asia Professional Baseball Championship.  With Monkeys skipper 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung) leading the team, it is not a surprise to see players from Lamigo Monkeys being the backbone of this U24 squad.

Just like Team Japan, the Taiwanese team will be using all 3 wildcards spot on their roster.  Among those wildcard players, perhaps one of the biggest surprise in this tournament is Taiwanese baseball superstar 陽岱鋼 (Yoh DaiKan), who currently playing for the Yomiuri Giants.

Final roster for Team Taiwan in the upcoming Asia Professional Baseball Championship
Final roster for Team Taiwan in the upcoming Asia Professional Baseball Championship
Team Taiwan skipper Hong I-Chung and CPBL commissioner at the press conference
Team Taiwan skipper 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung) and CPBL commissioner at the press conference

Team Taiwan’s New Core 4

The heart of this Taiwanese offense will be made up by bunch of hard hitting youngsters.  It is very likely to see either 陳品捷 (Chen Pin-Chieh) or 陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien) batting lead off.  While CPBL 2017 quadruple crown winner 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) and 陳子豪 (Chen Tzu-Hao) in the middle of the lineup.

Yes, the pitching department..

With no young players retention policy in place similar to Japan and Korea.  It’s not an easy job for Team Taiwan to come up with a group of U24 pitchers, as most of the top young pitchers from Taiwan tend to go USA or Japan straight out of High School/ University.

With Chiba Lotte Marines 陳冠宇 (Chen Kuan-Yu) likely to start against Korea, 林樺慶 (Lin Hua-Ching) & 林政賢 (Lin Cheng-Hsien) might go back-to-back against Japan.

The bullpen will lead by the crafty RHP 邱浩鈞 (Chiu Hao-Chun) and the hard-throwing youngster 朱俊祥 (Chu Chun-Hsiang), with 陳禹勳 (Chen Yu-Hsun) closing the game if there’s a chance to do so.

Wildcards & non-CPBL players

  • 陽岱鋼 (Yoh DaiKan) – NPB Yomiuri Giants – Very likely to see Yoh batting #3 in the lineup.  Being the veteran in NPB, Yoh will provide stability and plenty morale support to this young Taiwanese lineup.
  • 陳禹勳 (Chen Yu-Hsun) – CPBL Lamigo Monkeys – The experienced closer who recently set the CPBL record for most saves in a single season (37SV) will do what he does best, slamming door at the final inning.
  • 陳冠宇 (Chen Kuan-Yu) – NPB Chiba Lotte Marines – Despite Chen being used as reliever towards the end of 2017 season.  The LHP is very likely to be used as a starting pitcher.
  • 吳念庭 (Wu Nien-Ting) – NPB Seibu Lions – Definitely going to served as the utility player in the Taiwanese team.  As Wu is able to cover 2B/SS/3B and OF.  Either we going to see him being the primary 3B or as late inning utility substitute.
Team Taiwan wild card players. 陽岱鋼 Yoh Daikan, 陳禹勳 Chen Yu-Hsun and 陳冠宇 Chen Kuan-Yu
Meet your team Taiwan wild card players. Lead by NPB superstar 陽岱鋼 (Yoh Daikan)

The one that got away

Here’s a short list of players we thinks have a lot of potential but was not included in the squad for various reason.

  • 林承飛 (Lin Cheng-Fei) & 梁家榮 (Liang Chia-Jung) – At age of 20 and 22, both players are definitely being part of Lamigo Monkeys development plan with the goal of turning them into primary SS and 3B.  Both players been given plenty of opportunity to start in those position at the top team level.
  • 宋家豪 (Sung Chia-Hao) – The Rakuten Eagles hard throwing reliever made his NPB 1st team debut this year towards the end of the season.  With him being included in Eagles postseason squad and have other training plan after the season, Sung turned down the opportunity to play for team Taiwan.
  • 陳韻文 (Chen Yun-Wen), 王玉譜 (Wang Yu-Pu) & 施子謙 (Shih Tzu-Chien) – Not having these 3 players on the team definitely hurt the team, as they will provide stability in this Taiwanese bullpen.  According the the local media, Chen and Shih turned down the chance to play simply they need to rest, as both of them been working extremely hard all year.  As for Wang, who just recently recovered from his car accident, it is safe to assumed Lions want him to rest and get ready for 2018.

25-man roster pitchers

林樺慶Lin Hua ChingLamigo MonkeysRHP23106.15.251.5894
朱俊祥Chu Chun-HsiangLamigo MonkeysRHP2237.06.321.4178
王躍霖Wang Yue-LinLamigo MonkeysRHP2657.23.431.16144
陳禹勳*Chen Yu-Hsun*Lamigo MonkeysRHP2861.22.631.18188
邱浩鈞Chiu Hao-ChunUni-President LionsRHP2654.13.481.53142
王鴻程Wang Hung-ChenChinatrust BrothersRHP268.01.131.38-
羅國華Luo Kuo-HuaFubon GuardiansRHP2526.05.541.9289
陳冠宇*Chen Kuan-Yu*Chiba LotteLHP2763.03.291.40-
彭識穎Peng Shih-YingChinatrust BrothersLHP2523.05.871.5784
林政賢Lin Cheng-HsienFubon GuardiansLHP2278.13.791.52130

25-man roster batters

嚴宏鈞Yan Hung-ChunLamigo MonkeysC200.2820.3780.32980
廖健富Liao Chien-FuLamigo MonkeysC190.4550.4550.455-
林祐樂Lin Yu-LeUni-President LionsC250.2220.2670.28338
朱育賢Chu Yu-HsienLamigo MonkeysIF250.3080.3990.610149
林立Lin LiLamigo MonkeysIF210.3400.4150.511-
陳傑憲Chen Chie-HsienUni-President LionsIF230.3870.4660.508145
郭阜林Kuo Fu-LinUni-President LionsIF260.2960.3520.536119
陳品捷Chen Ping-ChiehFubon GuardiansIF260.3280.4030.509128
范國宸Fan Kuo-ChenFubon GuardiansIF220.4210.4880.605-
吳念庭Wu Nian-TingSeibu LionsIF240.2310.2950.333-
王柏融Wang Po-JungLamigo MonkeysOF240.4070.4910.700195
蘇智傑Su Chih-ChiehUni-President LionsOF230.3510.4230.593152
詹子賢Chan Tzu-HsienChinatrust BrothersOF230.3500.4030.610150
陳子豪Chen Tzu-HaoChinatrust BrothersOF220.3360.4030.622153
陽岱鋼*Yoh Dai-Kan*Yomiuri GiantsOF300.2640.3560.406-

Player Highlights

The King 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) highlight by NPB Pacific League TV

Brothers power hitting youngster 陳子豪 (Chen Tzu-Hao)

The hit machine 陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien)

The gifted lefty 林政賢 (Lin Cheng-Hsien)

The future Lamigo ace 林樺慶 (Lin Hua-Ching)

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