2019 Team Taiwan U-18 Roster Announced

Team Taiwan has announced the U-18 roster for the 2019 WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup. Twelve countries set to gather in Korea to compete for the title of World Champion from August 30 to September 8.

Taiwan will be in Group B along with Japan, USA, Panama, South Africa and Spain. The top three teams from each group will advance to the super round for cross-play. After that, the top four teams will head to the final round to determine the final ranking.

王彥程 (Wang Yen-Cheng)LHP18Gubao High School
李慶隆 (Li Ching-Lung)RHP17Gubao High School
林子崴 (Lin Tzu-Wei)LHP17Gubao High School
潘文輝 (Pan Wen-Hui)RHP16Gubao High School
林昱珉 (Lin Yu-Min)LHP16Gubao High School
陳柏毓 (Chen Po-Yu)RHP17Taoyuan Agricultural High School
李晨薰 (Lee Chen-Hsun)RHP17Pingzhen High School
陳志杰 (Chen Chih-Chieh)RHP16Pingzhen High School
曾峻岳 (Tseng Chun-Yueh)LHP16Xiyuan High School
余 謙 (Hsu Chien)RHP17Taitung Physical Education High School
林辰勳 (Lin Chen-Hsun)C17Gubao High School
張聖豪 (Chang Sheng-Hao)C18Taitung Physical Education High School
羅暐捷 (Lo Wei-Chieh)C18Kaoyuan High School
何恆佑 (Ho Heng-Yu)INF17Gubao High School
王順和 (Wang Shun-Ho)INF17Gubao High School
林吳晉瑋 (Lin Wu Chin-Wei) INF17Gubao High School
林子豪 (Lin Tzu-Hao)INF17Pingzhen High School
李灝宇 (Li Hao-Yu)INF16Pingzhen High School
林瑞鈞 (Lin Jui-Chun)INF18Xiyuan High SchoolCPBL Brothers: 7th Round 2019
翁耀宗 (Weng Yao-Tsung)INF18Kaoyuan High School
鄭宗哲 (Cheng Tsung-Che)INF18Pumen High SchoolPirates 380,000 USD 2019
蔡佳諺 (Tsai Chia-Yen)OF17Gubao High School
岳政華 (Yueh Cheng-Hua)OF18Gubao High SchoolCPBL Brothers: 1st Round 2019
林政華 (Lin Cheng-Hua)OF17Taitung Physical Education High School

Notes: This is only the preliminary 24-man roster. Although the final 20-man roster have been finalised back in August 1, the information is not available. We will update this roster at a later stage.

Players Turning Pro After U-18 Tournament

For three players, this U-18 Baseball World Cup could be their final international tournament before turning professional.

  • 岳政華 (Yueh Cheng-Hua): 2019 first-round pick by the Chinatrust Brothers.
  • 林瑞鈞 (Lin Jui-Chun): 2019 seventh-round pick by the Chinatrust Brothers.
  • 鄭宗哲 (Cheng Tsung-Che): Signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates for $380,000 USD.

Players to Watch For

Below are several players that are worth taking a look. A few of them are being scouted by MLB and NPB scouts and is highly likely to head overseas in 2020.

18-year-old left-hander 王彥程 (Wang Yen-Cheng): He tossed a two-hit complete game against the Japanese national team during the 2018 Asian Baseball Championship.

17-year-old right-hander 李晨薰 (Lee Chen-Hsun): Lee stands 193 cm and is best known for his fastball. He was recently clocked throwing 153kph and is currently heavily scouted by the MLB teams.

17-year-old right-hander 陳柏毓 (Chen Po-Yu): Another young pitcher that is heavily scouted by the MLB teams and is likely to head overseas in 2020. Here is a quote about Chen Po-Yu from Fangraphs. “Doesn’t have a deal but multiple teams have seven figures of uncommitted pool money, and some teams think he’ll get $1 million or more.”

18-year-old outfielder 岳政華 (Yueh Cheng-Hua): 2019 first-round draft pick by the Chinatrust Brothers in the CPBL. The team signed him for a total package of $198,000 USD along with $50,000 USD as performance incentives.

16-year-old infielder 李灝宇 (Li Hao-Yu): Plenty of raw power despite being only 16. He will be most likely to bat in the middle of the lineup in this tournament.

18-year-old shortstop 鄭宗哲 (Cheng Tsung-Che): The Pittsburgh Pirates signed the young middle infielder in July for $380,000 USD.


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