Team Korea announce 25-man roster for 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship

Team Korea manager 宣銅烈 (Sun Dong-Yeol) announced the 25-man roster for team Korea this afternoon.  At the press conference Sun also mentioned just like Japan, Korea will not use the 3 wild cards spot for this tournament.

This mean the Korean final 25-man roster will stick to the age and service time limitation.  Which is either under 24 or under 3 years of professional service time.

Team Korea roster announcement for 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship
Team Korea 25-man roster, 12 pitchers and 13 fielders.  Sticking purely U24 with no wild cards.
The KBO legend 宣銅烈 (Sun Dong-Yeol) at the press conference announcing 25-man roster for Korea.
The KBO legend 宣銅烈 (Sun Dong-Yeol) will be the manager of this 2017 team.

Rise of the new KBO generation

Taking a further look over the statistics of both pitchers and batters, we can see the pitchers are at a better condition, since all of them are at least average level in the league based on their ERA+.

There are three pitchers that needed to be aware off, whereas respectively hold three different kind of pitching mechanism: RHP Park Se-Woong, submariner Im Ki-Young, and LHP Ham Duk-Joo.

For positional players, Koo Ja-Wook, Park Min-Woo, and Kim Ha-Seong are eye-popping since they have an OPS+ above 120.

The one that got away

Though it’s a pity that Premier 12 pitchers Han Hyun-Hee and Shim Chang-Min did not make the final cut to the 25-man roster.  Han pitched 106.2 innings this year with 4.47 ERA and 1.14 WHIP.  Shim contributed 75.1 innings with 4.18 ERA and 1.31 WHIP.

For batters, Wyverns batter Kim Dong-Yub is missing due to injuries.  Kim posted a record of .277/.329/.496 with 22 home runs.

25-man roster- Pitchers

金潤東Kim Yoon DongKia TigersRHP2480.14.591.46108
金明信Kim Myeong SinDoosan BearsRHP2345.14.371.46114
李珉鎬Lee Min-HoNC DinosRHP2488.24.061.33123
張現植Jang Hyun-ShikNC DinosRHP22134.15.291.5394
朴世雄Park Se-WoongLotte GiantsRHP21171.13.681.32135
朴晋亨Park Jin-HyungLotte GiantsRHP2388.05.111.5397
張必峻Jang Pil-JoonSamsung LionsRHP2967.14.681.60106
金大鉉Kim Dae-HyunLG TwinsRHP2094.05.361.3593
林起映Im Ki-YoungKia TigersLHP24118.13.651.32136
咸德柱Ham Duk-JooDoosan BearsLHP22137.13.671.40136
具昌模Koo Chang-MoNC DinosLHP201155.321.6394
沈載敏Shim Jae-MinKT WizLHP2374.25.181.5796

25-man roster- Fielders

韓承澤Han Sueng-TaekKia TigersC230.2290.2890.27745
張勝賢Jang Hyun SeungNational Police AgencyCNANANANA
崔元準Choi Won-JoonKia TigersIF200.3080.3510.462105
柳志赫Ryu Ji-HyeokDoosan BearsIF230.2590.3170.36072
朴珉宇Park Min-WooNC DinosIF240.3630.4410.472133
金河成Kim Ha-SeongNexen HeroesIF210.3020.3760.513124
河周錫Ha Ju-SukHanwha EaglesIF230.2850.3280.44093
鄭炫Jung HyunKT WizIF230.3000.3690.426102
金星旭Kim Sung-WookNC DinosOF240.2470.3150.39078
羅炅珉Na Kyung-MinLotte GiantsOF250.2560.3070.35969
李政厚Lee Jeong-HooNexen HeroesOF190.3240.3950.417107
安益勳An Ik-HunLG TwinsOF210.3200.3790.35689
具滋昱Koo Ja-WookSamsung LionsOF240.3100.3830.527129

Player Highlights

Giants Ace Park Se-Woong

Submarine pitcher Im Ki-Young

Doosan Bears lefty Ham Duk-Joo

Nexen Heroes Kim Ha-Seong

NC Dinos Park Min-Woo

Samsung Lions’ Koo Ja-Wook. 

Can see Koo hits a home run against CPBL foreign pitcher Zeke Spruill around 1:06 mark.  Spruill played for Kia Tigers back in 2016.

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