Team Korea announce 25-man roster for 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship

Team Korea manager 宣銅烈 (Sun Dong-Yeol) announced the 25-man roster for team Korea this afternoon.  At the press conference Sun also mentioned Team Korea will not use the 3 wild cards spot for this tournament.

This mean the Korean final 25-man roster will stick to the age and service time limitation.  Which is either under 24 or under 3 years of professional service time.

“Love that manager Sun didn’t use any of his wild cards and was willing to basically sacrifice success at this tournament to allow the young kids to gain experience”

“It’s great that Sun was named permanent manager of the national team, which will bring along some stability and consistency.”  Said Dan Kurtz the founder of  An English news/ stats website for all things KBO related.

Team Korea roster announcement for 2017 Asia Professional Baseball Championship
Team Korea 25-man roster, 12 pitchers and 13 fielders.  Sticking purely U24 with no wild cards.
The KBO legend 宣銅烈 (Sun Dong-Yeol) at the press conference announcing 25-man roster for Korea.
The KBO legend 宣銅烈 (Sun Dong-Yeol) will be the manager of this 2017 team.

Rise of the new KBO generation

Taking a further look over the statistics of both pitchers and batters.  For positional players, Koo Ja-Wook, Park Min-Woo, and Kim Ha-Seong are eye-popping since they have an OPS+ above 120.  As for the pitching department, we can see the KBO pitchers are in a better condition based on their ERA+.

Just purely looking at the stats, we have narrowed down on three pitchers to watch out for in this tournament. RHP Park Se-Woong, submariner Im Ki-Young, and LHP Ham Duk-Joo.

“All three of these pitchers will be a big part of the rotation for this tournament and it will be interesting to see how these guys do on an international stage. One note of interest will be to see how the young catchers for the team help call a game and if they’re able to settle their young pitchers down when they need to”  – Dan Kurtz of MyKBO

KBO expert Dan Kurtz then continued to talk about 3 of the Team Korea’s probable starting pitchers.

“Park Se-woong: Break out year for this Lotte pitcher and has a chance at becoming the ace of the national team”

“Im Ki-young: Submariner who after a few years of being in a relief pitcher has transitioned very nicely to being a starter”

“Ham Duk-joo: Another young pitcher who made the transition to starter and has helped bolster Doosan’s rotation”

The one that got away

Though it’s a pity that Premier 12 pitchers Han Hyun-Hee and Shim Chang-Min did not make the final cut to the 25-man roster.  Han pitched 106.2 innings this year with 4.47 ERA and 1.14 WHIP.  Shim contributed 75.1 innings with 4.18 ERA and 1.31 WHIP.

For batters, Wyverns batter Kim Dong-Yub is missing due to injuries.  Kim posted a record of .277/.329/.496 with 22 home runs.

25-man roster- Pitchers

金潤東Kim Yoon DongKia TigersRHP2480.14.591.46108
金明信Kim Myeong SinDoosan BearsRHP2345.14.371.46114
李珉鎬Lee Min-HoNC DinosRHP2488.24.061.33123
張現植Jang Hyun-ShikNC DinosRHP22134.15.291.5394
朴世雄Park Se-WoongLotte GiantsRHP21171.13.681.32135
朴晋亨Park Jin-HyungLotte GiantsRHP2388.05.111.5397
張必峻Jang Pil-JoonSamsung LionsRHP2967.14.681.60106
金大鉉Kim Dae-HyunLG TwinsRHP2094.05.361.3593
林起映Im Ki-YoungKia TigersLHP24118.13.651.32136
咸德柱Ham Duk-JooDoosan BearsLHP22137.13.671.40136
具昌模Koo Chang-MoNC DinosLHP201155.321.6394
沈載敏Shim Jae-MinKT WizLHP2374.25.181.5796

25-man roster- Fielders

韓承澤Han Sueng-TaekKia TigersC230.2290.2890.27745
張勝賢Jang Hyun SeungNational Police AgencyCNANANANA
崔元準Choi Won-JoonKia TigersIF200.3080.3510.462105
柳志赫Ryu Ji-HyeokDoosan BearsIF230.2590.3170.36072
朴珉宇Park Min-WooNC DinosIF240.3630.4410.472133
金河成Kim Ha-SeongNexen HeroesIF210.3020.3760.513124
河周錫Ha Ju-SukHanwha EaglesIF230.2850.3280.44093
鄭炫Jung HyunKT WizIF230.3000.3690.426102
金星旭Kim Sung-WookNC DinosOF240.2470.3150.39078
羅炅珉Na Kyung-MinLotte GiantsOF250.2560.3070.35969
李政厚Lee Jeong-HooNexen HeroesOF190.3240.3950.417107
安益勳An Ik-HunLG TwinsOF210.3200.3790.35689
具滋昱Koo Ja-WookSamsung LionsOF240.3100.3830.527129

Player Highlights

Giants Ace Park Se-Woong

Submarine pitcher Im Ki-Young

Doosan Bears lefty Ham Duk-Joo

Nexen Heroes Kim Ha-Seong

NC Dinos Park Min-Woo

Samsung Lions’ Koo Ja-Wook. 

Can see Koo hits a home run against CPBL foreign pitcher Zeke Spruill around 1:06 mark.  Spruill played for Kia Tigers back in 2016.

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