Taiwan Junior National Team to Tour USA, Japan, Europe

The Taiwan junior national team have announced their annual overseas training schedule to the USA, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Japan.

The young Taiwanese amateur squad will start the world tour with a five games series against the NCAA All-Star in the United States. Followed by a four exhibition games against the Czech Republic National Team.

The junior national team then will take on teams from Japan, Cuba, Netherlands, Italy and Germany in the 2018 Haarlem Baseball Week. After a short rest, the team will travel to Japan to face the teams from the Industrial League Teams.

After the overseas tour, 14 amateur players from this junior national team will be representing Team Taiwan in the upcoming Jakarta Asian Games.

Taiwan’s Junior National Team training photos. Photo Credit: (UDN)

Taiwan Junior National Team Touring Schedule

  • USA – June 26 to July 4 – vs NCAA All-Star (5 Games).
  • Czech Republic – July 7 to 11 – vs Team Czech Republic (4 Games).
  • Netherlands – July 12 to 23 – Haarlem Baseball Week Tournament.
  • Japan – August 4 – 12 – vs Japan’s Industrial League (JABA) Teams.

Taiwan Junior National Team Roster

唐嘉駿 (Tang Chia-Chun)PTaiwan Cooperative BankAmatuer
鄭智鴻 (Cheng Chih-Hung)PTopco FalconsAmatuer
王翔鷹 (Wang Hsiang-Ying)PTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
蔡偉凡 (Tsai Wei-Fan)PTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
許文錚 (Hsu Wen-Cheng)PTaichung AthleticsAmatuer
李峻旗 (Li Chun-Chi)PTainan CityAmatuer
王政浩 (Wang Cheng-Hao)PTaiwan Cooperative BankAmatuer
吳昇峰 (Wu Sheng-Feng)PTaiwan Cooperative BankAmatuer
王宗豪 (Wang Tsung-Hao)PTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
黃健隆 (Huang Chien-Lung)PTaiwan Cooperative BankAmatuer
林宇祥 (Lin Yu-Hsiang)PTaipei City Baseball TeamAmatuer
黃佳瑋 (Huang Chia-Wei)CTaiwan Cooperative BankAmatuer
陳瑞慕 (Chen Jui-Mu)CTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
牛塏曄 (Niu Kai-Yeh)CNew Taipei CityAmatuer
林瀚 (Lin Han)IFTaiwan Cooperative BankAmatuer
陳偉志 (Chen Wei-Chih)IFTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
林祖傑 (Lin Tsu-Chieh)IFTaiwan Cooperative BankAmatuer
蕭帛庭 (Hsiao Po-Ting)IFTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
林加祐 (Lin Chia-Yu)IFTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
廖俊凱 (Liao Chun-Kai)IFTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
姜建銘 (Chiang Chien-Ming)IFTopco FalconsAmatuer
戴如量 (Tai Ju-Liang)OFTaiwan Power CompanyAmatuer
陳孝允 (Chen Hsiao-Yun)OFTaiwan Cooperative BankAmatuer
楊振裕 (Yang Chen-Yu)OFChii-Lih CoralsAmatuer
黃裕翔 (Huang Yu-Hsiang)OFNew Taipei CityAmatuer


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