Kid Robs Walk-Off Grand Slam With Leaping Catch at Wall

Kid Robs Walk-Off HR, Hits Grand Slam in Extra Inning

The first time I played T-Ball was probably 30 years ago in the early ’90s or late ’80s. I have some vague memories of hitting a tennis ball with a plastic bat during PE class. It was chaotic, and nobody knew the rules. We were just running around, throwing sands at each other and yelling like a bunch of little savages.

That was clearly not the case for this Taiwanese T-Ball game for kids under the age of eight. On May 5, during a WBSC’s Mini Baseball Tournament, the Hurricane’s 陳韋宇 (Chen Wei-Yu) made a spectacular leaping wall catch and robbed a potential walk-off home run.

The story did not stop there, shortly after making that amazing wall catch, the kid belted a grand slam in the extra inning and followed by an 80-grade bat flip.

I guess T-Ball these days are a lot different from what I remembered. Anyway, it is always good to see kids having fun playing the sport, and I bet that was definitely the case for little Chen Wei-Yu judging by the smile on his face.


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