Six Triples, Uni-Lions and Monkeys Set New CPBL Record

New CPBL Record: Six Triples in a Single Game

The Uni-Lions and the Lamigo Monkeys have set the new CPBL record for hitting six triples in a single game. The new record broke the former record of five, which was by the dmedia T-REX and Sinon Bulls on September 23, 2008.

  1. Top of Second Inning: 林承飛 (Lin Cheng-Fei)
  2. Bottom of Third Inning: 陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien)
  3. Bottom of Third Inning: 唐肇廷 (Tang Chao-Ting)
  4. Top of Fourth Inning: 藍寅倫 (Lan Yin-Lun)
  5. Top of Fifth Inning: 林泓育 (Lin Hung-Yu)
  6. Bottom of Fifth Inning: 林祐樂 (Lin Yu-Le)

Fire Up: Total of 26 Runs, 38 Hits

It was batting practice at Kaohsiung last night as the Uni-Lions hosted their final home game of the season. Both teams combined a total of 26 runs, 38 hits and there is at least 1 run scored in every half inning.

The Lamigo Monkeys scored in seven consecutive innings also is the second highest in the CPBL history. The record is eight straight innings which were set by three teams.

The Battle for the 2018 CPBL Hit King Title

Although the 2018 post-season teams were decided last week and the remaining games are technically pointless, it is only for chasing the annual individual awards.

As of October 13, there are only three rescheduled games remaining in the season. The 2018 CPBL “Hit King” title is still up for grab, with 王威晨 (Wang Wei-Chen), 陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien) and 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) all within striking distance.

  • 163 hits: Brothers’ 王威晨 (Wang Wei-Chen): 1 game left
  • 161 hits: Uni-Lions’ 陳傑憲 (Chen Chieh-Hsien): 2 games left
  • 158 hits: Lamigo Monkeys’ 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung): 2 games left


  1. Another obscure record set in 2018! It looks like the first four were the result of speedy hitters and a couple of not very accurate relay throws, while the last two bounced off the walls away from the outfielder. The batter’s speed, luck and the ballpark itself are usually the biggest factors in terms of turning doubles into triples. The ballpark in which the six triples were hit did not appear to have any weird angles in the outfield walls, although the last triple in particular took a funny bounce after hitting above the padding in left field.

    • Taiwanese baseball stadium design are very boring, they are all relatively the same in terms of the shapes and dimensions. I wish they can do more unique one in the future.

      One of my biggest pet peeves is whenever they build a new stadium, they have this weird obsession with the outfield seating zone. In reality, nobody like sitting in the outfield, I never understand why can’t they just focus on infield seating zones and make the outfield an “open area” for picnic other stuff.


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