Scott Budner Sexually Harassed Female Journalist

The Chinatrust Brothers are currently in hot water as a sexual harassment complaint surfaced against the team’s manager Scott Budner. Instead of being upfront about it, the Brothers’ organisation and the league tried to downplay it and kept quiet for three weeks.

According to FTV News, on October 1, the Chinatrust Brothers’ manager Scott Budner acted inappropriately towards female reporters. During the post-game interview, Budner was half-naked with a towel and showed a penis plush doll which he named “Mr Dick” to the reporters. To make things even worst, Budner asked if the reporters would like to touch it.

Team and League Tried Downplay the Incident

Shortly after, the Baseball Writers’ Association of Taiwan laid a complaint against Scott Budner to the Chinatrust Brothers and the CPBL. However, nothing came to it. It almost seemed like both the team and the league was trying to downplay the whole incident and kept quiet about it.

On October 23, approximately three weeks later, Yahoo Sports Taiwan broke the news. However, the Brothers’ organisation and CPBL continued to play dead by not acknowledge it.

After two more days of the media blackout, on October 25, FTV News fired the first shot and ran the story about the sexual harassment incident. In doing so, it forced the Chinatrust Brothers and the CPBL to address the incident after three weeks of silence.

Half-Arsed Punishment by Brothers and CPBL

On the night of October 25, the Chinatrust Brothers admitted Scott Budner acted inappropriately towards female journalist during the interview. The team also made an apology on behalf of Scott Budner.

The CPBL, on the other hand, dished out a laughable $650 USD fine and suspended Scott Budner for one game.

With Scott Budner already left Taiwan and there are rumours the team is unlikely to bring him back for the 2020 season. It makes people wonder, did the Chinatrust Brothers and the CPBL intentionally tried to keep quiet so it will not affect the Taiwan Series which ran from October 12-17.


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