Ryan Verdugo’s Silent Protest on Strike Zone

There are multiple ways for pitchers to protest the strike zone without getting ejected. Often you will see pitcher covered their mouth with the glove and cuss. Another popular method is to channel their inner Clint Eastwood and perform the staredown.

On September 22, the Uni-Lions’ Ryan Verdugo had a different idea on how to deal with it. I am not a scout, but Verdugo displayed an 80-grade badass with that move on the mound.

After receiving a ball call on a low breaking pitch, instead of catching the throwback from the catcher with his glove, the 32-year-old left-hander snagged it with his barehand then stare down the umpire.

Verdugo went five innings and gave up six earned runs on ten hits. He was charged with his eighth loss of the season.


  1. What is Lin Chih-Sheng’s contract situation at the end of this season? Assuming he does not hit 8 more home runs this season, it would seem that he would have a lot of leverage next off-season if he is a free agent to get a big contract for 2020 as he continues to pursue the CPBL all-time home run record.

    • I think he signed a 2 year deal with the Brothers this year. Guy can hit, it just unfortunately he was involved in some disputes with Cory Snyder and was pretty much benched for 2 seasons.

      I felt bad for him, that record should’ve been broken years ago. Now we have to wait until 2020.

      I suspect if Lin can keep it up in 2020, maybe he can get another opportunity with Taoyuan Rakuten Eagles or Wei Chuan Dragons in 2021.


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