Preview of the Asia Professional Baseball Championship (Pitchers)

The Asia Professional Baseball Championship 2017, also know as the U24 tournament was established with the idea of promoting further interaction between CPBL, NPB and KBO.  At the same time providing an outlet for the leagues in Asia to showcase their talented youngsters under the age of 24.

The tournament is expected to be held from 2017.11.16 to 2017.11.19 at Tokyo Dome.  The future stars will be chosen from CPBL (Taiwan), NPB (Japan) and KBO (Korea).

In this article, I’ll provide a list of potential pitchers that might participate in the November tournament.  Although according to the rules, those who are over 25 and have less than 3 years of service will also be qualified for the U24, I will only include those players that’s under the age 24.

CPBL (Taiwan)

Chiang Chen-YenLions2242.06.431.88
Chen Yu-HsuanLions2245.06.401.58
Lin Cheng-HsienGuardians2240.24.201.77
Huang Yi-ChihGuardians2446.16.991.64
Chen Ming-HsuanGuardians2425.18.171.89
Lin Hua-ChingMonkeys2349.15.291.62
Wang Tze-ChunBrothers2263.24.951.26
Chen HuBrothers1958.15.091.44
Chen Yun-WenLions2128.11.911.27
Chu Chun-HsiangMonkeys2225.26.311.36
Wu Che-YuanBrothers234.00.001.25

Chen Yun-Wen (陳韻文) 2016 pitching clip

Lin Cheng-Hsien(林政賢)5.2IP with 6SO

Chu Chun-Hsiang (朱俊祥)154kph fastball with 3SO

NPB (Japan)

Akitake OkadaCarps2494.03.541.36
Kouhei AriharaFighters2586.14.901.44
Shohei OtaniFighers231.127.003.75
Chihaya SasakiMarines2359.15.611.62
Kota FutakiMarines2261.24.231.35
Taisuke YamaokaBuffaloes2278.02.541.13
Shinnosuke OgasawaraDragons2055.25.171.56
Kazuto TaguchiGiants2294.22.091.11
Shota ImanagaBayStars2491.22.851.20
Juri HaraSwallows2467.13.881.29
Shintaro FujinamiTigers2340.22.661.72
Koyo AoyagiTigers2341.13.271.62
Shota TakedaHawks2420.05.401.90
Kodai SengaHawks2468.13.291.08
Shinsaburo TawataLions2429.17.061.70
Yuki MatsuiEagles2240.20.220.98

Shohei Otani 2016 pitching highlight

Kodai Senga strikeouts highlight

Kazuto Taguchi shutout with 10K

Yuki Matsui strikeout highlight

KBO (Korea)

Park Se-WoongGiants22105.22.811.23
Ham Duk-jooBears2278.24.231.49
Kim Jae-YoungEagles2430.05.701.60
Koo Chang-moDinos2068.05.561.69
Han Hyun-HeeHeroes2473.03.451.08
Choi Won-TaeHeroes2096.15.331.27
Im Ki-YoungTigers2478.11.721.10
Kim Yoo-YoungGiants2340.24.651.57
Park Chi-GukBears1929.07.141.66
Kim Bum-SooEagles2218.05.001.89
Uhm Sang-baekWiz2124.14.811.68
Kim Dae HyunTwins2047.05.741.43
Jang Hyun-shikDinos2261.05.461.66
Lee Min-hoDinos2450.04.681.34
Jo Sang-WooHeroes2344.14.871.53
Kim Yoon-DongTigers2449.04.411.45
Choi Cheng-YeonLions2049.17.661.74

Park Se-Woong (朴世雄) 2017 highlihght

Han Hyun-Hee (韓賢熙)2017 6IP 6SO highlight

Lim Ki-Young (林起映)2017 KBO Highlight: 6SO

Choi Won-Tae (崔原態)2017 pitching highlight


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