Pirates Signed 17-Year-Old Cheng Tsung-Che

A few weeks ago we reported that the Pittsburgh Pirates were close to signing 鄭宗哲 (Cheng Tsung-Che / Zheng Zong-Zhe). On July 10, the Pirates have officially signed the 17-year-old high school shortstop for $380,000 USD with $60,000 in educational expenses.

Notes: In our previous blog post, we used the name “Zheng Zong-Zhe” as per his Facebook page. There are four different ways to romanised Taiwanese name. Cheng Tsung-Che is using the Wade Giles system.

It turns out the Pirates were not the only teams pursuing Cheng Tsung-Che. There were at least two other MLB organisation offered a contract to Cheng. The amount said to be around $300,000 USD.

“The Pirates has shown the most initiative during the signing process”, said Cheng Tsung-Che. “They told me the organisation would do their best to develop me as a player.”

“It is a dream come true to play professional baseball in the United States. I look forward to competing and learning with players from all over the world.”

Taiwanese in Pittsburgh Pirates’ Organisation

With Cheng Tsung-Che signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates, he will be the tenth Taiwanese that join the Pirates’ organisation since 2009.

NAMEYEARSigning BonusHighest LevelCurrent Level
鄭錡鴻 (Cheng Chi-Hung2009$500,000 (Blue Jays 2003)Single A (Adv)CPBL (Brothers)
洪聖欽 (Hong Sheng-Cin)2009$50,000RookieCPBL (Monkeys)
徐志維 (Hsu Chih-Wei)2009$50,000Rookie-
陳鏞基 (Chen Yung-Chi)2010$250,000 (Mariners 2004)Triple ACPBL (Uni-Lions)
紀品宏 (Chi Ping-Hung)2009$80,000RookieCPBL (Monkeys)
王維中 (Wang Wei-Chung)2011$50,000MLBMLB (Athletics)
陽耀勳 (Yang Yao-Hsun)2014$100,000Double ACPBL (Monkeys)
張進德 (Jhang Jin-De)2011$300,000Triple ADouble A (Giants)
廖任磊 (Liao Jen-Lei)2014?RookieNPB (Lions)
鄭宗哲 (Cheng Tsung-Che)2019$380,000UnassignedUnassigned


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