NPB Yomiuri Giants farm team announced 2017 Taiwan tour

For the 2nd year in a row.  NPB’s Yomiuri Giants is sending their farm team (3rd team/ developmental players) to Taiwan for a week of exhibition games against the local Taiwanese teams.  The 5 exhibition games is expected to be held in the old Taichung stadium.

Yomiuri Giants farm team Taiwan Tour 2016. (Photo Credit: pb+)

Apart from playing against Cultural University (fun fact, they’re also called the Gaints), the Yomiuri Giants future stars squad will also take on two of Taiwanese baby national teams which are gearing up for the upcoming Summer Universiade Games and the World Port Tournament.

It going to be a good exhibition series to observe the young university players on the baby national teams.  As quite a lot of them will participate in the upcoming 2017 CPBL draft.

Players might participate in the upcoming CPBL Draft

  • 吳丞哲 (Wu Cheng-Che) – Pitcher
  • 施子謙 (Shih Tzu-Chien) – Pitcher
  • 陳麒源 (Chen Chi-Yuan) – Infielder
  • 張皓緯 (Chang Hao-Wei) – Infielder
  • 范國宸 (Fan Kuo-Chen) – Infielder
  • 林立 (Lin Li) – Infielder
  • 陳重廷 (Chen Chung-Ting) – Infielder
  • 吳桀睿 (Wu Chieh-Jui) – Infielder (also Catcher)
  • 陳重羽 (Chen Chung-Yu) – Outfielder (also Catcher)
  • 岳東華 (Yueh Tung-Hua) – Outfielder

Yomiuri Giants (Farm Team) 2017 Taiwan Tour Schedule

  • 6/13 – 18:30 – Yomiuri vs Taiwan Universiade team – [Full Game Here]
  • 6/14 – 18:30 – Taiwan Universiade team vs Yomiuri – [Rainout]
  • 6/15 – 18:30 – Yomiuri vs Taiwan Universiade team – [Rainout]
  • 6/16 – 18:30 – Taiwan World Port team vs Yomiuri – [Rainout]
  • 6/17 – 12:00 – Yomiuri vs Culture University – [Rainout]

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