NPB’s Pacific League Introduces Wang Po-Jung to Japanese Fans

Hi Japan, My Name Is Wang Po-Jung

For the first time in the CPBL history, the league started to cooperate with Japan’s NPB (Pacific League) to promote CPBL contents to Japanese audiences.

The Lamigo Monkeys’ superstar, 2016 CPBL MVP 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) was the first CPBL player featured on the Pacific League TV highlight reel which was published on the Pacific League TV official website and Pacific League Facebook page on May 5.

Why Wang Po-Jung?

Despite only being in the league for one and half years, the 23-year-old youngster has outperformed everyone’s expectations and set numerous CPBL batting records in the 2016 CPBL season.

Wang sets the highest batting average in CPBL history with .414/.476/.689 in 2016 at the same time establishing an unprecedented 200 hits record in only 116 games.

With such an outstanding season as a rookie, Wang Po-Jung took home the Rookie of the Year award and also the prestigious MVP of the year award after the 2016 season.

Getting That International Attention

Wang’s 2016 performance did not catch much of the attention outside of Taiwan. It wasn’t until the Spring camp of 2017 where Wang Po-Jung blasted two home runs in a single game during a two-game exhibition series against the NPB’s Chiba Lotte Marines that jump-started Wang’s international awareness in Japan.

A few weeks later, Wang Po-Jung elevated the fame even further before the 2017 WBC tournament. He represented CPBL All-Star in an exhibition series against the Samurai Japan.

Facing higher level pitchers, Wang went 4-for-5 in two games along with three walks and three RBI. Wang finished the exhibition slashing .800/.875/1.600. The most memorable moment was his homer against the Pacific League’s three-time strikeouts champion Norimoto Takahiro.

The Bat-Flipping Maniac

Fans in CPBL enjoys Wang Po-Jung’s signature bat flips just as much as his homers. Here’s a video of Wang unleashed his iconic bat flip on a game-tying monster homer during the Premier 12 tournament against team Canada.

Collections of Wang Po-Jung Home Runs


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