Fighters Re-Sign Wang Po-Jung for 2022

On November 7, Nikkan Sports reported that the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters have re-signed 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) for the 2022 NPB season.

The 28-year-old Taiwanese outfielder finished the 2021 NPB season with an above-average .750 OPS with nine home runs and 118 wRC+ across 95 games. (Pacific League’s average OPS is .683)

At this stage, there is no news about Wang Po-Jung’s 2022 contract details, but many speculate he is likely to face a pay cut. Even though Wang posted a 118 wRC+ and performed above the league average, but being a foreign hitter, it might not be enough.

The Fighters signed Wang Po-Jung out of the CPBL at the end of 2018 to a three-year deal worth four million USD.

UPDATE #1: Wang Po-Jung’s agency have revealed the contract detail. The Fighters re-signed Wang to a one year deal worth 70 million yen (roughly 620,000 USD) excluding performance incentives.

UPDATE #2: According to ETtoday, apart from the 70 million yen (620,000 USD) salary, there is also an additional 30 million yen (270,000 USD) worth of performance incentives for Wang Po-Jung in the 2022 season.

Wang Po-Jung NPB Stats (2019-2021)

  • 2019: .255/.321/.327 with 3 HR
  • 2020: .207/.263/.322 with 2 HR
  • 2021: .242/.322/.429 with 9 HR
  • 2021 Pacific League Average: .241/.315/.368


  1. Thought he was the next great mlb hope for cpbl. Think there are any current players that could potentially jump to mlb at some point? Definitely a tough jump but I thought lin an-ko, chu yu-hsien, su chih-chieh and lin li might have the best tools for hitters. Hsu jo hsi and gu lin rui yang look promising for pitchers.

    • Like jump straight from CPBL to MLB starting lineup right now? Probably no one at the moment.

      But CPBL to Double-A or Triple-A and then promote to MLB after some seasoning? Maybe some of those players you named above have a shot of doing it.

      Would love to see MLB taking a chance on the CPBL players. Yes, it would be a gamble, but need to get the ball rolling.


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