Next stop for 陳金鋒 (Chen Chin-Feng): Fubon Guardians?

Recently retired Taiwan’s national hitter 陳金鋒 (Chen Chin-Feng) might be heading to Fubon Guardians for a front office position in 2017 CPBL season.

Fubon Guardians nabbing another Taiwanese baseball icons

There were plenty of rumors and speculations in regards to where Chen Chin-Feng will go after his retirement in 2016.  Whether staying with Lamigo Monkeys as hitting coach or seeking opportunities in other organisations within CPBL.  Lions, Brothers and Guardians all expressed interest in acquiring Chen.

However, due to Chen’s 2016 contract obligation with the Lamigo Monkeys, Chen’s agent and other CPBL organisations has been pretty low-key until today.  Where Chen Chin-Feng’s agent and Guardians organisations admit that both parties has been in contact.

According to several Taiwanese media, the new contract between Chen Chin-Feng and Fubon Guardians Chen is at its final stage, and it should be able to finalised within the next few days.  It won’t be a coaching position but rather a front office administration role. There’s rumour Chen Chin-Feng will take on the role of “Goodwill ambassador” for Fubon Guardians.  Both Chen’s representative and Fubon both declined to comment on that.

陳金鋒 (Chen Chin-Feng) retirement ceremony


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