The Lamigo Monkeys have announced the final 25-man roster for the upcoming exhibition series against the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters at the end of February.

The Monkeys will bring their first team squad for this Asia Friendship Series in Hokkaido, including the team’s billboard stars 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung), 陳俊秀 (Chen Chun-Hsiu), 林泓育 (Lin Hung-Yu) and 陳禹勳 (Chen Yu-Hsun).

According to the Monkeys’ skipper. Darin Downs and Bruce Kern III will be the starting pitchers against the Fighters at the Sapporo Dome.

Asia Friendship Series in Hokkaido Schedule

  • Game 1 – 28 February 18:00 (Japan time)
  • Game 2 – 01 March 18:00 (Japan time)

How to Watch Asia Friendship Series in Hokkaido?

The exhibition series will be available to stream on the CPBL TV. Here is a step by step English guide on how to sign up and purchase the CPBL TV subscription (CPBL TV cost roughly $35 USD a year).


道恩斯Darin Downs3.491.32149.2
王溢正Wang Yi-Cheng4.61.51125.1
林樺慶Lin Hua-Ching5.251.58106.1
克恩三世Bruce Kern III5.161.5896.0
陳禹勳Chen Yu-Hsun2.631.1861.2
王躍霖Wang Yao-Lin3.431.1657.2
尼克斯Michael Nix5.401.4656.2
林柏佑Lin Po-Yu4.281.4348.1
朱俊祥Chu Chun-Hsiang6.321.4137.0
黃子鵬Huang Tzu-Peng---


林泓育Lin Hung-Yu0.3310.3710.539431
劉時豪Liu Shih-Hao0.1790.2340.248133
嚴宏鈞Yen Hung-Chun0.2820.3780.329105


朱育賢Chu Yu-Hsien0.3080.3990.610424
陳俊秀Chen Chun-Hsiu0.3210.4000.546417
郭嚴文Kuo Yen-Wen0.3230.3810.458396
林承飛Lin Cheng-Fei0.2650.3300.412328
林智平Lin Chih-Ping0.2650.3110.353272
梁家榮Liang Chia-Jung0.2680.3360.418270
林立Lin Li0.3400.4150.51153


王柏融Wang Po-Jung0.4070.4910.700517
藍寅倫Lan Yin-Lun0.3210.3850.542304
詹智堯Chan Chih-Yao0.2440.3350.425254
陽耀勳Yang Yao-Hsun0.3480.3920.508195
余德龍Yu Te-Lung0.2530.3080.331172

Asia Friendship Series in Hokkaido Promo Poster

2018 Asia Friendship Series in Hokkaido poster. Lamigo Monkeys vs Nippon-Ham Fighters
2018 Asia Friendship Series in Hokkaido poster. Lamigo Monkeys vs Nippon-Ham Fighters


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