The Lamigo Monkeys have announced the roster for the upcoming 2018 Power Series against NPB’s Chiba Lotte Marines at Ishigaki Islands from February 17 to 18. This is the third year in a row that the Monkeys have been invited to join in exhibition games against the Chiba Lotte Marines.

2018 Power Series logo. Exhibition Series between Lamigo Monkeys and Chiba Lotte Marines
2018 Power Series logo. Exhibition Series between Lamigo Monkeys and Chiba Lotte Marines

Not Everyone is Going to Ishigaki Island

Due to a rather busy spring training schedule, not everyone will be going to Ishigaki Island for the exhibition games. The Monkeys 2018 Power Series roster will consist of mostly young prospects and a few senior veterans.

High profile players like 林泓育 (Lin Hung-Yu), 王柏融 (Wang Po-Jung) and 陳禹勳 (Chen Yu-Hsun) will remain in Taiwan to prepare for the exhibition series against the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters at end of February.

Live Stream

As always, the exhibition games will be available streaming for free on the Japanese NicoNico Live streaming platform.

2018 Power Series Merchandise


林樺慶Lin Hua-Ching5.251.58106.1
黃子鵬Huang Tzu-Peng---
洪聖欽Hung Sheng-Chin11.572.364.2
朱俊祥Chu Chun-Hsiang6.321.4137.0
陳敏賜Chen Min-Tzu4.501.506.0
游宗儒Yu Tsung-Ju6.752.0817.1
萬昭清Wan Chao-Ching---
吳丞哲Wu Cheng-Che---
蘇俊羽Su Chun-Yu12.462.428.2
道恩斯Darin Downs3.49 1.32149.2
尼克斯Michael Nix5.401.4656.2
克恩三世Bruce Kern III5.16 1.5896.0


廖健富Liao Chien-Fu0.4550.4550.45511
張閔勛Chang Min-Hsun0.1250.1760.12535
嚴宏鈞Yen Hung-Chun0.2820.3780.329105


陳俊秀Chen Chun-Hsiu0.3210.4000.546417
郭嚴文Kuo Yen-Wen0.3230.3810.458396
林承飛Lin Cheng-Fei0.2650.3300.412328
楊岱均Yang Tai-Chun0.3540.4130.41592
郭永維Kuo Yung-Wei0.2380.3120.27495
梁家榮Liang Chia-Jung0.2680.3360.418270
馮健庭Feng Chien-Ting0.2000.2000.26715
林立Lin Li0.3400.4150.51153


詹智堯Chan Chih-Yao0.2440.3350.425254
余德龍Yu Te-Lung0.2530.3080.331172
成晉Cheng Chin----



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