Mitch Lively Uses Windup From Another Era

There is a saying, foreign players come and go in the CPBL. There are so many over the years, and it is hard to keep track of them all.

However, that is not the case for the Chinatrust Brothers’ new pitcher Mitch Lively. The 32-year-old American right-hander certainly knows how to make a strong impression in his spring camp debut.

On March 17, in a spring training game against the Uni-Lions, Mitch Lively channelled his inner Satchel Paige and showcased a vintage windmill windup from another baseball era.

During an interview with the Taiwanese media, Mitch Lively said he started doing this particular windup in 2013 over a bet with his teammates.

Update: Big Windmill Sighting In Regular Season

Just when you think it was only a spring training shenanigans, Mitch Lively would not dare to do the same windmill windup in the regular season, well, on March 28, he has done it again!


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