Masaki Takashio Becomes the 1st Foreigner to Go Through CPBL Draft System

On July 10, the Uni-Lions announced the signing of their 2024 6th-round pick, 高塩将樹 (Masaki Takashio), to a 2.5-year deal. He will receive a $37,000 signing bonus, an annual salary of $34,000, and an additional $13,000 in performance incentives.

While this may seem like a standard post-draft signing, the 35-year-old Japanese right-hander is actually making history as the first foreigner to go through the CPBL draft system. This unique achievement means Masaki Takashio will be considered a domestic player in the CPBL and will not occupy a foreign player slot.

According to CPBL regulations, foreigners who reside in Taiwan and meet the following conditions are eligible to apply to enter the CPBL draft:

  • International students who have studied for at least three years in high school or four consecutive years at university.
  • Foreigners who have lived in Taiwan for more than five years and have played at least three years in the industrial league (semipro).

Masaki Takashio, who has been active in Taiwan’s industrial league since 2017, fits the criteria. He entered the CPBL draft in both 2022 and 2023 but went undrafted. As they say, the third time’s the charm, Masaki Takashio was finally selected by a team in the 2024 draft and will soon embark on a new chapter in his baseball career as a CPBL player.


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