List of CPBL records considered unbreakable

The last 2 seasons, CPBL players has been breaking records here and there.

  • 郭嚴文 setting the hit-streak record of 33 games.
  • 林智勝 currently on 91 games reached on base safely.
  • Pat Micsch throwing the first ever post-season no-hitter.
  • Mitch Atkins set the new CPBL record for 8 strike out consecutively.
  • 高國輝 breaking the single season homerun record with 39HRs.
  • 林益全 with single season of 121 RBI.
  • Rookie 王柏融 setting the record for most hit in the playoff with 14 hits.


Having said all that, here are a list of CPBL records considered unlikely to ever be broken:

Record Record Player (Team/ Year) Notes
Most wins (Single Season) 22 Jose Nunez (Lions/1993) & 陳義信 (Elephants/1994) Mike Johnson came close with 20W back in 2008
Lowest ERA (Single Season) 1.40 蕭任汶 (Elephants/ 2001) 林恩宇 came close with 1.72 back in 2006 as a starting pitcher
Lowest WHIP (Single Season) 0.88 林恩宇 (Cobras/ 2006)
Most strike outs (Single Season) 209 林恩宇 (Cobras/ 2006)
Most hits (Single Season) 176 Wilton Veras (Bulls/ 2009) 胡金龍 and 張正偉 came very close with 171 and 172
Most stolen bases (Single Season) 71 Bernardo Tatis (Dragons/ 1997) The record was set back then where the league only plays 100 games per season.
Highest Batting Average (Single Season) 0.391 彭政閔 (Elephants/ 2008) 彭政閔 was on pace to break 0.400. However he missed out the last 2 games.
Most innings pitched (Single Season) 258.1 陳義信 (Elephants/ 1993)
Highest On Base Percentage (Single Season) 0.516 Jay Kirkpatrick (Bulls/ 1998) Kirkpatrick hit for 0.387/ 0.516/ 0.732 that season
Number of complete game (Single Season) 23 陳義信 (Elephants/ 1993) & 黃平洋 (Dragons / 1993) 陳義信 finished the season with 20W,1.92ERA,0.97WHIP over 258.1IP & 黃平洋 finished the season with 17W,2.03ERA,1.09WHIP over 244.0IP
Lowest pitch count for Shutout (All time) 78 陳義信 (Elephants/1995) Against Eagles
Most career complete games (All time) 84 陳義信 (Elephants/ 1991~1996) In 1993 he had 28 starts, 23 of them were complete game. He finished that season with 20W, 1.92ERA, 0.97WHIP over 258.1IP


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