2018 Second Half-Season Winner: Lamigo Monkeys

Talk about being a dominant team in the CPBL. The Monkeys have won the 2018 second-half season title by defeating the Fubon Guardians 8-5 last night.

With the final strikeout by the closer 陳禹勳 (Chen Yu-Hsun), over 10,000 Monkeys fans tossed the streamers to celebrate the team for winning its 12th half-season titles in the franchise history.

“I want to thank my players and the coaches for working seamlessly together this season,” said the Monkeys’ manager 洪一中 (Hong I-Chung). “Winning four half-season titles in two years is not an easy achievement.”

Manager Hong continued and thanked the fans for their undying support over the years. “Your support is our motivation, and I hope you guys will continue to cheer and to be proud of this team!”

New CPBL Records for the Monkeys

By winning the half-season title, the Monkeys also set a new CPBL record for winning four consecutive half-season titles.

  • 2017 First-Half Season Title
  • 2017 Second-Half Season Title
  • 2018 First-Half Season Title
  • 2018 Second-Half Season Title

Gearing up for 2018 Taiwan Series

With the Monkeys winning both the first and second-half season title, the team have been awarded a one-game advantage in the 2018 Taiwan Series (Best-of-seven).

The Uni-Lions and the Guardians will play a best-of-five series from October 19-23. The winner of the series will then advance to the Taiwan Series.


  1. It feels like if the Uni-Lions finish second in the second half, they should go straight to the Taiwan Series. Ah, but post-season games mean so much to the box office…

    • Yeah, financially, post-season games are so important for the team here.

      When think about it, it is kind of ridiculous that 3 out of 4 teams are in the playoffs. This “wild cards/ challenge round” rule was implemented back then when there were 6 teams. I guess the official just can’t be bother to adjust the rule to fit a 4-team league.


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