Lamigo Monkeys unveil uniform for “Purple Party” theme nights

Lamigo Monkeys have unveiled the special event uniform for the upcoming “Purple Party: Music Festival” theme nights at Taoyuan stadium (9-11th June).

Lamigo Monkeys 2017 Purple Party theme night uniform. Photo Credit (Lamigo Facebook)

The beloved “Purple Party” theme night returns for the 5th seasons.  It started off as a quirky side project back in 2013 where there’s indie live bands performing after the game while players get on stage and entertain the fans.  As the event grew in popularity over the years, it has turned into a proper music festival weekend for Lamigo Monkeys, where well known bands and singers are invited to perform before/ during and after the games.

The 2017 Purple Party features 17 different artists and acts.  From indie bands, award winning Taiwanese rock bands (滅火器 Fire EX & 四分衛 Quarterback) to mandarin pop superstars (蘇永康 William So & 鄧紫棋 GEM) coming all the way from Hong Kong.  The music festival will begin at 2.30pm and end with post-game concerts by the feature acts.

More images of the Purple Party 5.0 uniform

Purple Party Merchandise & feature acts

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