Monkeys’ 2018 Spring Training Uniform

The Lamigo Monkeys have unveiled their 2018 Spring Training nickname uniform. For the fifth season in a row, the Monkeys will be wearing their special nickname uniform for the duration of the spring camp.

The previous four Spring Training nickname uniforms are available here.

Lamigo Monkeys 2018 spring training nickname uniform

Meet the Beastmaster

The Monkeys have named their 2018 Spring Training uniform “The Beastmaster.”

The uniform use a dangerous dark jungle theme for the background colour, along with chaotic jungle foliage patterns which symbolised a ferocious beast dashing through jungle hunting for prey.

According to the Monkeys representative, fans will be able to purchase the 2018 Spring Training uniform around the middle of February.

Lamigo Monkeys 2018 spring training nickname uniform



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