Introducing “The Baseball Blue Sky”, the first themed uniform for the Lamigo Monkeys in the 2018 CPBL season, and it is also a meaningful one. According to the Monkeys representative, the uniform artwork is done by a kid with disability from the charity program.

The Baseball Blue Sky – Charity Uniform

The Lamigo Monkeys will be wearing this special uniform for their upcoming Kids Theme Nights from April 5-8 to support the Eden Social Welfare Foundation (伊甸社會福利基金會), a Taiwanese charity program that provide assistance and support to families with member with disability.

Additionally, the Monkeys will donate all the uniforms for auctions, with all proceeds going to the charity to support those families in need.

Background on The Eden Social Welfare Foundation

The foundation was founded in 1982 by 劉俠 (Liu Hsia), a female wheelchair writer suffering from rheumatic arthritis. She donated her income from publishing, and a group of volunteers and social workers who shared her vision to bring people with disabilities out of their isolation.

With this in mind, every year the foundation helped over 60,000 families all over Taiwan, with the goal of providing care for people between the age of 0 to 65. Including vocational training, employment service, rehabilitation and long-term care service.

許鶴瀚 (Hsu Ho-Han), the kid who designed the charity uniform at the game.
許鶴瀚 (Hsu Ho-Han), the kid who designed the charity uniform at the game.

Update: More Photos of the Charity Uniforms

Here is more uniform photos and the event highlight via the Lamigo Monkeys’ Facebook page. Over 34,000 Monkeys fans went to the games during the four days event.


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