Lamigo & SKODA really want to give away that free car in 2017

Since 2015 season, Lamigo Monkeys has been working closely with automobile manufacturer SKODA Auto.  Apart from the standard commercial sponsorship, there is also a car on permanent display above the home run wall with the idea if a Monkeys player hit it with a home run, a free car will be given to both the player and a lucky fan from that particular game.

The location of the car display during 2015~2016 SKODA promotional event

It’s a great idea, however with the location of the car being at “centre-left outfield”.  None of the Monkeys players were able to hit it since the installation in 2015.  EDA Rhinos’ 林哲瑄 (Lin Che-Hsuan) did managed to hit it in his CPBL debut, but since Lin is not Monkeys player he was not eligible for the free car.  SKODA did gave him a miniature model of the car as the consolation prize.

In order to increase the hit rate.  In 2017 a few adjustment have been made by Lamigo Monkeys and SKODA Auto at Taoyuan baseball stadium. The location of the car has been moved more towards the left.  While a giant SKODA signage was installed in the outfield bleachers section.  It is still unknown at this stage whether or not free cars will be given away if a home run ball hit the new signage.


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