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Lamigo Monkeys News: Thomas Dorminy

As the August 31 trade deadline approaching, the CPBL teams are doing everything they can to get another boost in their foreign players’ department.

According to our favourite ALPB reporter Mike Ashmore, the Lamigo Monkeys have signed 27-year-old left-hander Thomas Dorminy from the Atlantic League on August 11.

The San Diego Padres drafted Thomas Dorminy in the tenth round of the 2014 MLB Draft. He then spent the next few seasons in the Padres system reaching Double-A.

After leaving the affiliated ball, in 2018, Dorminy went on to pitch in the Frontier League and was named pitcher of the year. In 2019, he moved up another indie ball level and joined the Atlantic League.

Prior to his signing with the Lamigo Monkeys, Thomas Dorminy posted a dominating 2.72 ERA and 1.27 WHIP over 92.2 innings of work for the Somerset Patriots.

As per scouting report from 2017, Dorminy throws a hard-running two-seamer (89-91mph), curveball (74-76mph), changeup (81-82mph) and a slider (82-83mph).

The Lamigo Monkeys currently have Radhames Liz, Michale Nix and Matthew Grimes on their active roster. The team will have until August 31 to decide which three foreign players they will stick with after the trade deadline.

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    • Yeah, according to the team, he is not that effective after 50-60 pitches. Although they didn’t say they will replace him, all signs are pointing to that outcome.

      I always feel bad for those players joined mid-season and did not adjust well to the league. No proper spring training and pretty much have to perform right out of the gate. But I guess that’s life being a pro ball player.

      • Yeah, that’s life as a pro ball player. I had commented that Thomas Dorminy has been pitched well in the Atlantic League, and he’s only 27, so those were two reasons to sign him. I’d guess that Grimes gets until August 31, or one really good start from Dorminy at the minor league level before the team makes the decision.

        • By the way, there are rumours the Uni-Lions are in talks with a right-hander in the Atlantic League. It is also worth noting, Ryan Verdugo was hurt again on August 11, not sure how serious is the injury though.

          We might see the Guardians release Bryan Woodall for Travis Banwart this week. And maybe next week, Brett Oberholzer will probably be call-up to replace Elih Villanueva.

          As for Matthrew Grimes, he is definitely next on the list. Judging by the Monkeys’ way of doing things (being a small market team), just like you said above, they will probably stick with him until August 31.

          The Monkeys already have the ticket to the Taiwan Series, so they do have the luxury to give Thomas Dorminy more time to tune up in the farm league.


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