Lamigo Monkeys Rename as Rakuten Monkeys?

Another potential new name for the Lamigo Monkeys has surfaced recently. According to Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, Japan’s Rakuten Inc had filed a new trademark “Rakuten Monkeys / 樂天桃猿” on September 26.

Just a week prior, on September 16, the new owner of the Lamigo Monkeys applied several trademarks which included “Rakuten Golden Eagles” and “Rakuten Eagles”. People began to speculate the Lamigo Monkeys will change its name to “Taoyuan Rakuten Golden Eagles”.

Why Rakuten Monkeys Make More Sense

After reviewing all the potential new names for the Lamigo Monkeys, the name “Rakuten Monkeys / 樂天桃猿” stood out from the rest. Here are the reasons why.

Firstly, it is simple, compact and not confusing. The previous potential name “Taoyuan Rakuten Golden Eagles” it is simply too long. Not to mention it also clashes with NPB’s Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

By using “Rakuten Monkeys / 樂天桃猿”, the following can be achieved. Rakuten will be able to promote its brand and raise the public awareness of the company.

Keeping the word “Monkeys / 桃猿”, it will also retain some of the identity of the “Lamigo Monkeys” and the city of Taoyuan. The word “桃猿” which translated as Monkeys, is a play on word combining the Taoyuan City and Apes (Monkeys).


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